33 A Very Delicious Deal

Emperor Zhao Tong twitched his mouth when he saw Jiang Ming acting like he was at his own house.

Not only did he cross his legs and had his hands behind the back of his head, but he also did not have any intention to pay him respect.

'T-This brat… I already heard from my lovely daughter that he was arrogant but to think he would even act haughtily in front of the emperor.' Emperor Zhao Tong cursed inwardly as he nodded his head toward Hong Ling who had paid him respect.

Hong Ling bowed once more before sitting back down and whispered to Jiang Ming, "W-Why didn't you pay respect to the emperor? He isn't someone we can offend."

As much as Jiang Ming told her not to be nervous, how would she be able to stay calm when she met the emperor directly.

It was easier said than done when they had seen the real thing.

Jiang Ming merely gave her a brief smile and patted her shoulders, assuring her that nothing will go wrong.

"Emperor Zhao Tong right?" Jiang Ming then looked at Zhao Tong as he asked.

Emperor Zhao Tong clenched his fist in anger and was about to explode on him until he noticed Bing Tong was glaring at him with a fierce expression.

Thus, he took a deep breath slowly and stared at Jiang Ming, "That's right and I suppose you are Jiang Ming from the Ming family."

Zhao Tong had already got brief information about Jiang Ming's background since he had to deal with the entire continent so nothing could really escape from him.

Alas, he had made a mistake when he tried to gain an advantage as Jiang Ming shook his head.

"Former Ming family." Jiang Ming corrected Zhao Tong as he explained, "I have left the Ming family with my aunt so as of now, the Ming family have no relationship with us."

Zhao Tong narrowed his eyes as he pondered his action for leaving the Ming family. More surprising was that the Ming family wasn't influential enough to be in the Central District so he was even more confused.

"Bing Tong hasn't told you about the incident?" Jiang Ming raised an eyebrow when he sensed doubts and confusion coming from Zhao Tong's eyes.

"B-Bing Tong?" Zhao Tong twitched his mouth as he wanted to strangle Jiang Ming for calling his precious daughter by her name directly.

"Father, stop being an embarrassment and calm your anger." Bing Tong reprimanded her father as she explained about Jiang Ming receiving a gold card from Alchemist Ren.

"Jiang Ming has shown his peerless alchemist and he is already qualified to become a 4th tier alchemist." Bing Tong said, hoping that her father would stop thinking Jiang Ming was a mere brat.

Zhao Tong calmed his anger as he nodded his head. Right now, it wasn't the time to strangle Jiang Ming as there was an even more important discussion to be made today.

"Jiang Ming, the Spiritual Master rank technique… you said you have one right?" Zhao Tong held a solemn expression.

Jiang Ming nodded his head.

"Obviously, why else would you think Bing Tong would be inviting me to your house?" Jiang Ming sneered as he continued.

"Otherwise, did you really believe that Bing Tong invited me over to her bed and enjoy a lovely evening?"

"You damn brat," Zhao Tong punched on the table when he heard Jiang Ming having fantasy thoughts with his daughter.

His aura soon increased and the atmosphere started turning deadly.

Hong Ling paled when she could hardly breathe with the pressure in the guest room at the moment.

However, Jiang Ming merely smirked at this child play and activated the System's ability.


<Protective Barrier has been activated>


The protective barrier was something that came with the system as it was created to protect the player from sudden danger.

Hong Ling soon regained her composure and held Jiang Ming's hand slightly as she felt safe around him.

"Old man, I respected you and called you Emperor Zhao Tong so don't go overboard with your pressure." Jiang Ming shouted.

Zhao Tong couldn't help himself any further as he launched himself toward Jiang Ming to teach him a lesson on how to respect the elder.

"Father, stop it," Bing Tong screamed in panic when she saw his father was no longer going easy on Jiang Ming.

Before coming here, she has warned him multiple times of Jiang Ming's characteristics and that he must keep his temper controlled at all times.

Alas, all that convincing from her has gone to the dirt when Zhao Tong lost his reasoning.

Right when Zhao Tong was about to reach Jiang Ming, Jiang Ming suddenly mumbled two sentences and Zhao Tong quickly halted his movement as he repeated those two sentences.

Suddenly, he can feel a change in his cultivation when he studied those two sentences more thoroughly as he eyed Jiang Ming in surprise.

"W-What were those two sentences you uttered?" Zhao Tong asked nervously.

"What can it be other than the Spiritual Master rank technique that I have?"

Zhao Tong swallowed his saliva nervously as he went back to his seat next to Bing Tong as he showed a stern expression.

"Speak- what do you want in exchange for handing that cultivation technique over?" Zhao Tong went straight to the topic.

He had no interest in wasting any more time with Jiang Ming nor did he have any intention of snatching it from him.

For a person as young as Jiang Ming yet had the ability to refine a 4th tier alchemist, he would be a fool to think he doesn't have a powerful master behind him.

Jiang Ming smiled inwardly when his performance gave him the advantage now.

He had purposely made Zhao Tong act out of behavior before giving him sweets about the cultivation technique to prove that he wasn't lying.

Now that he got his interest hook, it was his turn to take control of this deal.

"Very simple, I want 200,000 spirit stones and the right to use Bing Tong's name to my advantage." Jiang Ming said as he gave his condition.

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