41 41 - First Rank E Monster

The process of getting to the mission location was not fun at all, since the Gnolls' stronghold was in the middle of the forest and there were no cars that could travel this route without roads, so the only thing they could do was walk.

Since the Gnolls were Rank E monsters, they were slightly further away from the city than the Rank F monsters, so to get to the Gnolls, both Gabe and the Players had to kill some Rank F monsters.

For Rank E Players, this experience was slightly boring, as for them, killing Rank F monsters was not very difficult and there was nothing good that these monsters could yield for them, as for Gabe, this was new and fun, as it was the first time he was killing monsters.

Controlling the flying knives around him and with the shooting proficiency skill he learned from Chris in the same way he learned the cooking skill in the game, Gabe was very easily able to hit the monsters' key points, such as the head and the neck.



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