37 37 - End of Residual Devil

Despite having Heisenberg's powers to help players choosing this route, Gabe had made Miranda much more powerful than in the original game, to the point where Miranda currently had the power of a true Rank E monster. By making such a powerful antagonist, Residual Devil's Seed had been limited for the future, that is, Gabe could hardly continue to develop more things for the game without having to spend at least 4 or 5 times more Mana than necessary. But Gabe didn't regret it; he wanted to finish Residual Devil with a flourish, and that's exactly what he managed to do.

The way Amoura was acting during the battle, the many moments of desperation that she felt she would almost die just to have 'Heisenberg' save her at the last moment, made this battle very exciting and satisfying.

The sacrifice of 'Heisenberg', who was killed by Miranda, the point that Miranda brought Milo who was almost dead at the time and Chris who was extremely injured, all this made Amoura even more anguished, making her emotions affect her speed to learn in a whole new level.

During the battle, after Heisenberg died, Miranda managed to kill Milo, who had tried to help in the battle, and tore off one of Chris' arms, making him a cripple. Luckily because of Rose's powers that were draining Miranda, Athena finally managed to kill Miranda.

Holding that beautiful baby in her arms next to the body of her 'husband', who being a Player she didn't have as much affection for the man as she would if she had a real husband. But for some reason Amoura was feeling very emotional about his death all the same, and she was shaken. At that moment there were almost 20 thousand people watching her livestream, and in the chat there were varied comments.

[Damn, Heisenberg and Milo died. Even Chris, who I thought was an asshole, turned out to be really cool, helping out in the battle… EA… why? Why not let the game have a happy ending…?]

[I just wanted to see the picture of Athena and Milo together at the end of the game... but I didn't...]

[Is it possible to save both of them during the battle?]

[It's possible!!!]


[It's possible! Remember that Player Rank D who was an army lieutenant?! He decided to open a livestream today to also play Chapter 5, as he is a Player Rank D and is much more powerful than a Player Rank E. He somehow managed to save Mia in the end, and he just barely managed to prevent the death of Heisenberg. So according to him, it actually is possible to save Heisenberg, Amoura just couldn't this time!]

[Woah, so you mean there are multiple endings?!]

[Yes!!! I saw a streamer who decided not to ask Heisenberg for help and he killed the man himself, only after that everything turned out differently! He had to rely on Chris's help to save Mia from jail and he explained a lot of things that you couldn't know in this Stream!]

[Holy crap, so I'm going to have to play Chapter 5 multiple times to see all the endings?!]

[Woah, even though the game is over, I don't feel as sad as I imagined!]

[Me too! I thought maybe this was the last Residual Devil livestream I'd watch, but it looks like there's still a lot to discover that EA left hidden in the game!]

[How does EA manage to be so creative? Who thought it would be possible to make multiple endings for one game! This really feels like another world where your choice can affect the outcome that will happen, just like real life!]


Amoura at that moment was a little emotional and didn't read the game commentary, just watching what was happening next as if it were a movie.

[The mother's story is coming to an end…]

When that message appeared, Amoura felt her body shiver as she saw a young teenage girl who looked a lot like Rose appear in a cemetery. She left flowers on the grave of her father, Milo Winters, and then left in the car of some kind of government agents.

Remembering the message that appeared a few minutes ago, Amoura immediately understood.

"If the mother's story is coming to an end, then the daughter's story is just beginning?!" Amoura shouted excitedly, making the viewers also soon understand this and get goosebumps.

[Woah, so maybe there will be a sequel in the future?!]

[God damn, EA! Just when I think I understand what you're doing, you surprise me again by showing me I'm wrong!!!!!]

[I love being wrong, hahaha!]

With the end of Residual Devil, the hype of the game in the city did not decrease, but increased. The amount of viewers in the livestreams was still very high, mainly to see Players trying to unlock all of the endings for the game while they were playing in 'Insane' mode , or even to watch players trying to Speedrun the game to discover endings as quickly as possible.

As for Gabe, he was observing all the hype of the game, which was still going strong, with a big smile. The satisfaction of finishing making a game was something he had never felt in either of his lives, and seeing how people were still playing the game and commenting on the story was an amazing feeling! But even better was seeing how much Mana he currently had.

[Residual Devil: Village]

[Downloads: 20.003]

[Average playing time: 7.8 hours.]

[Accumulated Mana: 156,023]

[Available for withdrawal: $42,897]

[Available Mana: 45,387] (110,636 Mana Spent)

"The release of Chapter 5 attracted even more E-Rank Players and some curious D-Rank Players, which greatly increased the amount of Mana I received from the game in the last few days. With this absorption alone I already have enough Mana to become a Rank E Developer with no problem," Gabe said to himself excitedly.

Without thinking twice, Gabe started converting the game's Mana to his Mana Pool, and in a few minutes he finally completed the 1,000 Mana Units in the Mana Pool.

Unlike other times when Gabe just felt his body getting stronger, this time the qualitative change came in addition to the quantitative change. His Mana, which was previously transparent like water, now took on a bluer hue. The overall saturation that 1,000 Mana Units gave to his body was at least 2x greater than that which 900 Mana Units had given him.

'That's why Rank E Developers make games that consume 2 Units of Mana from the Players, since probably the quality of the Developers is so high that the Players have to make up for it in terms of quantity…' Gabe thought excitedly.

Feeling the new strength in his body, Gabe was tempted to go outside for a workout, but now he had more important goals.

'I'll absorb the rest of these Mana Units from the game and settle down to 1,300 Mana Units in my Mana Pool. I can take a few days off from game development to focus on getting my first power,' Gabe thought excitedly, as he remembered the feeling of controlling metals with Heisenberg's body.

To unlock the power, he would need 50,000 Mana Units. With 1,300 Mana Units gained daily he would need a little under 39 days, but considering that he could meditate to speed up this process, Gabe was confident that he could finish his goal in less than 25 days.

'25 days is a good time to rest. With that I can consolidate my strength and take advantage of this time to study this world better. With enough strength, I will be able to venture beyond the city walls and better adapt to my power. Even though I can do this in virtual worlds, as my strength will soon be at the same level as a Rank C Player, I think it's safe for me to experience real Rank D monsters without too much worry,' Gabe thought excitedly.

Despite being very fond of developing games, Gabe was starting to get bored of just sitting at his bedroom computer and occasionally taking walks around town. As someone who also had memories of another world, Gabe also wanted to experience the adventures and thrills that a world like this one could provide, so it would only be a matter of time before he tried to do so.

'But of course, I will always do it safely. It doesn't make sense if I put myself in situations of great danger just for a short-lived adrenaline rush.' Gabe was still rational, he knew his safety was the highest priority.

With all that decided, Gabe focused on absorbing the rest of the Mana Units in the game and increasing his Mana Pool. For the next few days the game would continue to yield Mana for him, which he would use to continue increasing his Mana Pool and further accelerate the speed at which he would get Heisenberg's powers.

Thinking through some ideas of how Magneto controlled similar powers, along with Heisenberg's expertise in using them, Gabe was confident that he would be able to handle many of the problems that could come his way in the future.


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