Starting Over is Harder Than Starting Up

Translator: Daoist6fubtiW

The bullet screen immediately burst into laughter. Watching the streamer play these new designers' games was just for fun. Normal people would not spend money on these ridiculous things.

The size of the game wasn't big, so he finished downloading it in just a moment.

"Take a look at this game introduction, let me read it for you all."

"This is a rewarding rock climbing game. It can train the players' mentality. If possible, I hope that everyone can play this game with a smile. After clearing the game, you can sincerely say 'Very easy!' "


The notification that the game download was complete rang out, and Brother Yin's attention was quickly focused on the new game.

"Hello, everyone. Today, we are going to play the game Get over it: Digging for Ascension. Now, I will be the first shot to make this game cool!"

He smiled and opened the game. A small person sitting in a jar appeared on the screen.

A black clay jar, a slightly rusty hammer, and bare arms with traces of wind and sun.

This lost the lower half of the hand person held a hammer sitting in the jar, the underground platform is brown yellow earth.

"I thought the character on the cover was just messing around, but now that I've entered the game, I see he really is messing around!" Brother Yin looked at the game protagonist and couldn't help but feel amused.

The main character held the hammer in both hands and could rely on the hammer to push, pull, hook, and other actions to move forward.

Looking at the game screen, the bullet comments could not help but complain.

"I'll never buy a game like this in my lifetime. I really admire Brother Yin for holding back the thought of refunding."

"What kind of character is this? Who on earth is making this game?"

"Is this a gaming graduate? The gaming industry was in danger!"

"CC, don't let him graduate."

"This is too funny!"

"No wonder the producer told us to laugh. He's just trying to be funny."


"This is really funny. What is the producer trying to express? A crippled body with a strong will?"

Brother Yin moved the mouse twice, and the person in the jar also waved the hammer in his hand twice. He only needed to use the hammer to push himself against the ground, and the little person flew up and landed in front of him.

"Can't deny it, it's actually not bad! This method of control was quite relaxing." Brother Yin immediately raised his eyebrows.

He controlled the jar man to jump onto a small slope. The feeling of sitting in the jar and jumping up was quite comfortable.

In front of him was a small tree.

Strangely, in this place where the ground was covered with earthen brownish-yellow, the only small tree was extremely eye-catching. When he passed by the tree, he couldn't help but take a few more glances.

At that time, he still did not understand why there was a tree standing alone here.

The rock wall in front of him was uneven, and many rocks were stacked together. As the top player of the game area, he understood what it meant with just a glance.

The hammer in the control character's hand was raised high and directly stuck on the protruding part of the rock wall. With a slight flick of the mouse, the jar man landed safely on the top of the cliff.

"Heh, that's it!" He spread his hands, "Very~ easy!"

With just a glance, he understood the general meaning of this game. It was a rock climbing game where one had to control the hammer in their hand to climb to the top.

Just as he proudly picked up the mouse and was about to continue playing, the mouse shook too much and pushed the little person back to the ground.


Brother Yin was stunned when he saw this. He looked at his hand. Was it that exaggerated? He had just moved the mouse a little too much.

"Mistake, not a big deal, let's try again."Brother Yin nodded nonchalantly, but he kept muttering about the operation just now in his heart.

It was only the height of a stone just now, but when he fell, his heart could not help but thump.

The background music of the game was still soothing and did not change because of his mistake. However, when he started to control his character again, a deep male voice sounded in the background music, along with a long-winded narration.

"Well, thank you for starting this journey with me. No matter when you want to quit, I understand. Just find a safe place to stop and then exit."

"Don't worry, I'll keep saving it for you, even if you make a mistake."

As soon as he finished speaking, the bullet screen exploded!

"Laughing so hard. It's narrated by a real person!]

"Oh my, this guy can't make games, but he knows how to mess with people's mentality!"

"It's just a mistake, and you're already mocking me?'

"I'm going to buy this game too. Not for anything else, but to give a bad review and get a refund."


The words just now had interrupted Brother Yin's train of thought. At that moment, his mind buzzed!

This guy knew how to attack people's minds!

Brother Yin was so angry that he laughed. He controlled his character to continue playing the game, but this time, he was more careful.

However, the more careful he was and the more he tried to operate it, the more difficult it was to operate the system.

The mouse could control the character to swing the hammer, but the character's joints limited the range of the swing. Moreover, this operation was very anti-human. If he was not careful, he might be sent flying!

If he was just careless at the beginning, after landing more than ten times in a row, he gradually lost his mentality.

After three whole hours, his mentality was about to collapse!

"Don't worry, let's be steady. Hook it up, take off, and go up!"

Brother Yin looked at the screen seriously, his right hand holding the mouse tightly, forcing himself not to shake it.

The tiny man flew up and landed. He carefully wanted to hang the tip of the hammer on the rock wall.

Perhaps it was because he had been holding the mouse for a long time that his palms were a little sweaty. The moment the little person raised the hammer high and hung it on the rock wall, his right hand trembled slightly.


The hammer slipped off the rock wall, creating a sharp friction sound, while the person in the jar was rapidly descending.

Brother Yin's pupils constricted instantly!

"No, don't!"

"No way! Waaah!"


The main character had just slid down from the rock wall when Brother Yin's mournful roar rang out in the live broadcast room. He watched as the skidding little person rapidly descended. Halfway through, he tried to hang the rock wall with a hammer.

However, with a push, the counterforce from the hammer hitting the rock wall pushed him far away!

The main character flew past the furniture city, then the blue sky, and finally landed on the familiar yellow land. The protagonist still held the hammer high in his arms.


The landing process alone took three to four seconds. At this moment, even the viewers watching the livestream felt their hearts being fiercely grabbed.

Once again, he saw that familiar little tree with its bare branches.

In the background music, the low male voice began to speak again, with its boring and mocking banter.

"There's no feeling more unforgettable than 'starting over.' "

"This feeling was like…It was like accidentally deleting your homework the day before it was the deadline. Yeah, I have done that before."

"Starting over is harder than starting up."

If you're not ready yet, for example, if you've had a terrible day, and you have to bear the pressure that someone your age shouldn't have to bear, you can take a break and come back later. I'll be here waiting for you."