Galaxy Wars: The Legacy of Light and Darkness

It's a story about a young man who was thrown into huge play he never planned to join in. His only aim is to survive, live well, be happy, and enjoy his life with his beloved harem girls. James is a 16 years old war orphan who was captured since he was little and raised to serve in a military base. He will escape from it to be thrown in the middle of an old brutal war between the light and darkness forces in the universe. He will try to survive, and save his new friends from being sacrificed in this war. However he never imagined his destiny is to be one of the main forces that affects the fate of the whole universe. His hidden powers will be discovered gradually, and he will become a witness to a new age, the age of great wars between empires in the whole universe. Join James journey from being a nobody who is just trying to survive, to become one of the strongest light and darkness Immortal in the universe. [Some chapters contain R-18 content. Those will be marked with R-18 in the title.] ________________________________________ Join the Discord Server Via this Link: https://discord.gg/kky7xhkc5Q ________________________________________

ranmaro · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
219 Chs

Trying to Make Eli A Spy

Dora was whispering, like telling a scary story, and when she finished speaking, she stomped her foot heavily causing a loud bang to happen. The place was deserted, so the voice echoed loudly, adding more tension to the atmosphere.

"See? If I step wrongly over the door, then we all will die."

"Stop scaring the little," James said, "After all we are all in danger."

"Why are you saying that?" Dora jokingly asked, with some upset from his interference in her little play.

"Because we aren't alone," Charles said, as he motioned to the front, where there was a group of ten people standing there, like guards.

"Are they trying to…" Dora asked, as she took out her gun.

She wasn't the only one with this high reaction, as Charles and Rigo reacted even faster than her. As for James, his first reaction was to push Eli to the side, before taking out his gun as he started shooting the guards nearby without pause.

The battle has just begun.