Galaxy's First Ruler Book

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Galaxy's First Ruler


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“Among all the seeds that corrupt the heart, the seed of Greed germinate the fastest.” --------------------------------------- Brief Intro: (Genius + OP + Sigma) MC + R18 stuff (Cough!) + Incredible Fights + Adventures + System + Dark Theme = This Story --------------------------------------------------- Detailed Synopsis: Bloodshed and war had ravaged the life of intelligent beings of the Milky Way Galaxy since time immemorial. Who had started the war? And why must it be continued? What if some being had created humans for its own twisted goals and pleasure? What if the struggle of evolution in intelligent beings follows a pre-planned rule? What if those who we call Gods are nothing but puppets? What if everything that happens, happens not because of a reason but because someone intends it so? It is commonly said that every life has its own story. What if all lives exist just for the sake of one story? Oblivious to such questions, on the planet Earth, Aldrich was used to living a normal life. And, to learn everything under heaven had become a part of his existence since childhood. Aldrich had just wanted to remain a normal person in an eternal pursuit of perfect knowledge. What would happen if such a person would be forced to become part of the Level-up system? What would happen if such a person would be forced to battle mythical beasts and historical legends? And what would happen if such a person would be forced to learn the Darkest secrets of the Universe? Follow the journey of a scholar becoming the Galaxy’s First Ruler. But if all lives are nothing but puppets, would this Ruler ever find out about the Puppet-master? ------------------------------------ WARNING: The first 124 chapters that I wrote were inspired from my fav Novel Series "The Stormlight Archive" by Brandon Sanderson. So if you don't like changes in POV, this might tick you off. After 124 Chapters the POV is constant and would rarely deviate from MC --------------------------------------- This cover is not my property. So if you are the owner of the cover please contact me for its removal. Thank you. For inquiries (Discord): Hand_Number_37#6967 For inquiries (Mail): handnumber37@gmail.com

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