16 Unconscious

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Fu Yan returned to his room and pushed the questions to a back corner of his mind because pondering about these questions wouldn't do him any good so he focused on the book instead.

The book was all about cloud computing and it was divided into many branches.

The knowledge in the book was indeed advanced for him and he might have to spend quite a lot of time to understand it if he had not received the gift from Old Shun.

Some basic knowledge about cloud computing was already implanted in his mind which amazed him because this knowledge implanting technology was something which would take mankind hundreds of years to master.

This also showed the strength of the Library.

The first topic in the book covered the basics of cloud computing and how data is handled in the cloud.

Anyone can do cloud computing but the main function of it is to reduce data usage and improve speed.

This is the core research on which many technology giants are spending millions of dollars.

The Book explained many new technologies which he had never heard of.

Like how to compress data and reduce its size so that no matter what kind of internet connection the user had, he would not experience "Lag'.

It also explained how to update software and implement them on a cloud-based platform without rebooting or stopping the service.

This was the technology that Fu Yan needed.

Most games, when they are updated, need to restart to implement the changes and it's not just limited to the game.

Most software works on this principle so this technology is a game-changer. If Fu Yan intended to sell this technology, many companies would pay millions of US dollars to use it.

That's how much value this has.

Well, this is the talk of some other time.

Now Fu Yan needed to focus on his game.

He called Fei Hong and told her to buy servers because the technology would become the core of the company and no person in his right mind would place his most valuable thing in someone else's hands.

It's like you have a secret recipe and give it to your friend to safeguard, there is no way he won't peek and when he sees benefits, he will steal and by changing something in it, he would say that it's his secret recipe.

So he had to build his own server farm because he was not going to trust anyone but himself.

After telling her his requirements, he ended the call and returned to his work.


1 month has passed since Fei Hong was recruited by Fu Yan.

Ever since then, Fei Hong has been constantly working. Sometimes she thought that she should quit but after she saw the game that was being developed by Fu Yan a week ago she never complained because she could see that the game was totally on a different league than those available in the market and she also has shares in the company so the more the company prospers, the more she would earn.

Today she was working in the office she had rented with employees she had hired. They were sorting out many legal issues and were making documents and were sorting the paperwork done.

Upon hearing that Fu Yan wanted to buy servers now, she knew that game has entered in the final stage and she was excited but also confused because according to Fu Yan, he did not just want to buy a small farm, he wanted a big farm and it should have the capacity to expand in the future if needed. Also, the security has to be good too.

The company had 50 million C-dollars remaining and an extra 5 million in reserve.

They would be able to buy a good server farm with it easily but Fei Hong was not in a hurry to buy.

She was going to scout the market first and then decide.

After spending 2 days on surveying the market, she decided to buy a server farm that was just outside the city and was big enough with a good amount of security.

This farm was owned by a game company which was going bankrupt now and they were selling it in a hurry so she was getting a good deal.

It was a pretty Big server farm but now it was just ¼ of its previous size so it was no problem to expand it in the future.

Since it was used by a gaming company before so they had a very good security system.

It was bought by Fei Hong with a price tag of 30 million C-dollars.

She Called Fu Yan after finalizing the deal but he was not picking up.

She called again after some time thinking "He Might be busy" but he still did not pick up.

Now She was getting worried because Fu Yan still did not pick up his phone after she called a 3rd time.

She went to the house that was rented by Fu Yan and just when she was about to ring the doorbell, the lock opened on its own.

She went in.

The server room was making a huge noise because the fans were spinning at a high speed and the temperature in the house was also 4 to 5 degrees higher than outside.

The AC was running on full but the temperature was still not coming down.

Fei Hong was a little surprised upon entering the house but she soon calmed herself down and looked into the room where Fu Yan used to work.

Just outside the room, she could hear beeping noise coming from the room.

It was not clear what it was about.

She knocked on the door and said.

"Fu Yan it's me, Fei Hong. Can I come in?"

But there was no answer.

She knocked again but still no answer.

Now she was worried so she opened the door and went in.

Upon entering the room she found Fu Yan unconscious on the floor and his computer screen was constantly flickering with a huge amount of words popping and the most noticeable word was Big Brother!.

She ignored it and checked Fu Yan's condition.

His breathing was a little abnormal and he was sweating a lot, probably because of the heat in the house.

She picked him up and hurried outside and put him in the back seat of the car and hurried towards the hospital.

What she did not notice was that the door got locked on its own again, and in the server room, the fans started to spin at an even faster speed.

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