48 Be Nice to Her!

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Fu Yan was working on his computer all night long and now he was resting. He was working hard to get promoted. He wasn't sure why but something like an instinct was telling him that he would get many benefits and would go on adventures after becoming a librarian, so he wanted to get promoted as fast as he could.

He was now working on the real-time language translator. This was the next technology that his company would be launching.

A few days ago, when he went home and met his uncle and aunt, he talked with them about a lot of things and when he told them that he has many ideas in his mind about advanced technologies which might change the world due to these technologies, they both were stupefied for a while but gradually accepted it when Fu Yan explained to them that all these were just ideas in his mind and no one else knew about it other than him.

His uncle and aunt discussed a lot, then finally said that he should go with a path of steady flow.

He should not release technologies that were too different from each other to avoid suspicion. So he wanted to develop and release technologies that are related to each other.

Since language translation was somewhat related to voice recognition software, less attention would be attracted.

Though many would eye his company when he released this software, they might assume that his company is releasing these technologies after they have researched an advanced algorithm technique.

He was going to build his company's foundation with these technologies and when he was powerful enough that no one would dare to mess with him, then he would release whatever technology that he wanted.

What Fu Yan did not know was that many were already staring at his company like hungry predators.

They were ready to swallow his company if they ever got the chance. A massive and powerful hunter was already working to lay a net to catch this new fish that was learning to swim.

Fu Yan had underestimated those tech giants that were in the market for decades and the power that they hold. It's just that his company's vision had not just clashed with theirs yet, but in the future when that happens, even his life will be in danger.

He was working when his phone rang. He looked at the caller id and it was from his aunt. He picked it up and said.

"Hello, Aunt Biyu. How are you?"

"Fu Yan, I am fine. I just called to inform you about the legal person that you had asked me about before."

Fu Yan became attentive and said.

"Aunt about her. Is she willing to come and work for me?"

"Yes she had agreed but there are some conditions that should be fulfilled before she comes to work for you." His aunt said in confirmation.

Fu Yan wasn't disturbed and asked.

"Ok aunt, tell me what her conditions are. If I can, I will surely fulfill them."

"Well, these conditions are not from her but from me. She is my best student and very hard-working so I want to give her the best environment to work in. I hope you can understand."

Fu Yan nodded and said.

"Aunt, tell me what I can do for you."

"Well, first of all, you will give her 1% of the company shares, give her the position of director and she will only report to you."

Fu Yan nodded and said.

"If that is all then I agree to them. I will welcome her to my company. She won't ever regret coming to work for me."

His aunt smiled on the other end and said in a joking tone.

"Well, this is the last thing that I want you to promise me."

Fu Yan said in a confusing tone.

"And what would that be."

"Well, she is beautiful and charming so don't ….."

Fu Yan interrupted her and said.

"Aunt doesn't need to worry, you know I am not that kind of a guy."

Laughter came from the speakers and his aunt said.

"Ok, ok! Well, she will be coming to the city Z tomorrow so welcome her and prepare a contract. Wait, I will send you a draft for the contract myself. Just look at it to confirm."

"Ok, Aunt Biyu. If that's all, then please excuse me, I was busy with a project."

"Then do your work. Call me if you don't understand anything about the contract. I will make it as simple as I can. And Fu Yan, she is really a good girl, be nice to her. She has suffered in the past that's why I am asking you to be good with her."

"Aunt Biyu, I understand. I will give her the best environment and make sure that she is never mistreated in my company."

He said goodbye and resumed his work but couldn't ignore the words that his aunt spoke to him.

"Be good to her! I guess I should meet her personally tomorrow and welcome her to the company. Since Aunt vouched for her then I guess she is trustworthy."

He made plans for the next day and resumed his work. Since he was busy, he asked Qing to remind him when the time comes tomorrow.

He looked at the computer screen that was filled with code and started to think of ideas about how he can improve it and change it so that the library accepts it as advanced knowledge and will give him a high evaluation that might promote him from an intern to a librarian.

He sighed and stood up from the chair and started to walk to and fro in the room. In his mind, different ideas were constantly coming and going but there was nothing that could help him to improve the current project.

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