Gael's Naughty Angel: A Mafia Prince Romance

[BOOK1] What are the odds that Gael would find himself as the Hero of a dark romance novel? After stumbling upon the book that he probably wouldn't have found if not because of his sister, Gael read the entire thing in one night. He found the book worthy of his mockery. It was absolutely ludicrous! He must find whoever wrote this absolute nonsense about him so he could show that person what he does to people who were deserving of his wrath. But what would he do when he finds out that the author of the book wants to keep her identity a secret? Will he expose her? Or will he use the secret to his advantage? ... "How dare she use me this way?" A menacing stare paints his face as he looks at the woman from a distance. "She likes writing romance novels so much?" he scoffed. "Then I'll give her the best damn story she would ever want to write." ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ Other Works: •Serendipity - A Chance Encounter (Complete-Ongoing revision) •Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress •Gabriella's Hellfire: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (Book 2 of The De Luca Mafia Series) •Giovanni's Black Heart: An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance (Book 3 of The De Luca Mafia Series) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Join me and follow all my socials: linktr.ee/nixxxie *Licensed cover image ~~~~~~~~~~~ Proofreader/Editors: Filledelisle Swaning

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The House

It was the day before Gael was supposed to arrive in Mayne. Every day since Angela checked on her house, she, Rick, and Trigger had been coming over regularly to arrange some of the furniture and appliances and install stuff here and there. She wanted it to be ready for when she brings Gael there tomorrow. There were bigger things that she left out because she wanted to wait for him so they could hunt furniture together.

Today, she was organizing her home office. She couldn't stop admiring the view from her window. Unlike most of her previous apartments where she had a view of the water and the city, this one was her favorite. It was all green and beautiful. Not quite finished yet as the backyard's landscape was still ongoing, but she could already visualize it. She had two wide windows, giving her a panoramic view of nature. She friggin' loved it.

"Where do you want these?" Trigger's voice snapped her out of her trance from watching out the window.