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Transported to Another World? Cultivation World? A Modern World? How about mixing all of them? From countless planet in the Universe, Each planet has its own technology, culture, and civilization. There are many plot twists mixed inside where the usual 'Another World' actually holds more mystery. (Writing Quality): I'm not a native English speaker, and revision is under progress. There should be some mistakes left, but it shouldn't be that much. And there should be some cliches that presented in a bad way. It is also under revision. Although I can't completely erase that part cause it might affect the later story. I am rewriting it, so it can at least be presented in a better way. Unfortunately, the revision speed is rather slow since I need to make the new chapter as well. (Stability of Updates): 1 ch/day. But it could be 2 ch/day at weekends or holidays depending on how much time I have on that day. (Story Development): 'This is subjective'. I'm doing my best to present a good story, but it depends on your own preference too. One might say good, and one might say bad. Please don't force your ideal/preferences on this story, if you want the MC this way or the MC that way, you can try to write your own story. All in all, suggestions for a better story would be appreciated. (Character Design): MC has a deep-seated inferiority complex that built up for several years. It will be hard to get rid of all of that, logically. It wasn't something that you can say 'I want to change', and you will change 180 degrees. It will be a slow development of Characters and Personalities. (World Background): The story takes place in multiple world; most of the settings are fictional. If the world background is lacking some details, please do tell me 'which one' and 'what it is' so I can add a little tweaking in that part to make a better world. (Additional Comments): Many good scenes filled my mind that I can't help to write and share it with you all. Although, I know myself wasn't a great writer. I need all possible feedback to learn and improve. For you and me. Disclaimer: I will no longer respond to mean comments and reviews. All opinions are subjective. But, please, be gentle with any strong opinions. It's easy to say something behind a screen, but it can stick with people. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my novel.


Just a weakling that's given an amazing opirtnital system.But not only does he cower in the face of his bullies he ignores and dosent even respect the ones that try to care. He spends almost 5 months with a girl that got along and actually liked a little.But then pratically gives her the cold sholder when she tries not only to defend him and pretect him.But also has the nereve to compare the girl that stays and defends him compared to the girl that cheats and gets him bullied and thrown out the castle. I'm not saying it's a bad novel its amazing so far but **** does the mc piss me off.


It's a pretty good story, its just for me personally the female characters just ruin it.


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Hateful MC and Bitches... You seem planned the MC become a sovereign yet with the starting As lowest of the lowest, and the main motivation of it a revenge. Why don't you just make Dark MC instead of this... Have to say good bye for this. The Synopsis reel me in the beginning of the story make me hate it. So, good bye..


The same crappy Chinese format, a sad backstory to evoke empathy for the MC, one of a kind powers to make him special and awe everyone with his "talent"( the only one I don't have a problem with.), He has obvious skills that are somehow forgotten and ancient just to give him more cool points, and all the other characters are there to provide hi with fodder to prove how awesome he is. All that and the most overused isekai tropes presented in a bad way. Over all the only reason I made it to chapter 34 is due to blind hope it would get better.


Very cool ideas are presented in this cultivation novel. The MC inherits a system after being reincarnated to a new world. Seems normal enough for this genre right? Wrong! Gacha system is hilarious and relatable. You want the ultra rare prize? Think again, have a trash water bottle. Later he obtains sword intent and domain. Again, seems normal for this setting right? Wrong! He actually uses both sword and spear, and with their powers combined, he fuses the intents into something much stronger. This story is very interesting, but sometimes I feel like the release of chapters is a bit slow. The writing is pretty good, although some decisions are questionable. I hope the author continues this work and both the story and author mature into perfection.


The protagonist has same amount of intelligence as gollum, a betrayed person who is revealing all his secrets to everyone. He says he don’t fame but his actions prove otherwise. He wants to grow strong but spend all his time being chef and trainer for some girls who he don’t trust much. The protagonist is looking be betrayed. So, I’m dropping this novel.


The story is good but why is this mc so fucking average? So fucking trashy that my eyes hurt whenever I read the mc's situation who cant even handle some situations.


Chapter 36: dropping The novel starts with some promises in the first 10 chapters but quickly turns into "a new antogonist shows up criticizing MC background" "why are you with her lowly commoner" "sigh" "punch in the face" "how dare you raise your hand on me" "the king is my grandpa" This is absolutely breaking the story. Then there are more minor issues: - The leveling doesn't make sense so author had to divide level by 100 and create a rank system and levels were never heard of again. - The pills are completely overpowered - The gacha system takes a complete backseat on MC power trip: it could have been used for random missions for example - the progress is bland: pill forging, fights, there is no sense of struggle and so no sense of accomplishment. - somehow the useless MC is a fighter that knows dirty techniques like tripping people but nothing in his background or gacha rewards hints to that Lastly the grammar is passable (I read much worse on webnovel) however please be consistent, use past tense only and don't suddenly switch to present. You can use present for dialogues. Chapter 36 had a significant drops in quality of English with many verb missing like "confused" instead of "was confused". It didn't help that it was chapter where the "arrogant young master seeks a fight" trope was used for the 4th time in a row. .


If you got past the fanboy's 5 star reviews then congrats!You found and objective one at last The first few chapters are a mash of arifureta and shield hero and make you scream your lungs out cliche.Furthermore the characters lack substance,they don't get any character development aside from the main chick after about 50 chapters.Also let's not forget our MC that after being put through tough things doesn't evolve at all and is a perfect example or boring MC with no drive whatsoever. The system? Annoying,the type of annoying that you'll feel like "yeah yeah,just show what he got and get over it" Grammar wise it's bad,but not the kind of bad to drop or bash the author since you can pretty easily understand,more like a bit stinging your eyes if english is your first language or you are frequently using it.The problem is that the author doesn't seem to have figured out his characters or system ot even romance plans and is going back and forth that it's getting extremely disappointing. TL;DR Wouldn't recommend reading honestly


When i started reading this, i had very high hopes for it, it was just my type of novel, isekai, Summoning magic, harem, etc... although mcs weak personality was an eyesore, i kept reading in hopes his personality becomes more mature, well guess what? It didnt. He is a beta, pathetic and naive... He helps people without expecting anything in return, which is a big reason i cant see him as anything more than a pushover whose only existence exist to be used for all he is worth and then tossed aside like the b*tch he is... Hell he even forgives people who threaten his life and almost killed him as if its something natural... Sorry but this novel had amazing potential, only to be ruined by an author who stupidly decided to make a beta mc, dropped this at chapter 130-140.


This story sucks. It could have been something but it's ruined. The mc is an idiot. No common sense. When you think he's growing up all the character development he made is dropped and goes back to being an idiot mc. He gets betrayed and when he gets threatened into a relationship he just accepts it.


Writing quality: 2 - Author is proficient with middle school grammar. Stability of Updating: 5 - Author updates regularly Story Development: 2 - The MC is an Anti-Sue, no purpose, puppeted by all of the people around him. Author should watch Bad Writing Advice on YouTube. Secondly, set up and pay off for plot points is poorly executed and uninteresting. Character design: 2 - Flat characters that easily break the willing suspension of disbelief. Also, due to the mc being an anti-sue, flat villains turn up everywhere. Not invested in the villains nor the mc, even the system is boring. This wouldn't be an issue if the villains were supposed to be cartoony, but everything takes itself very seriously. World Background: 3 - Executed well. Thank you for reading my review, this is not constructive criticism, just my review of the book. Don't expect it to stay up for long.


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This had potential but unfortunately it just went nowhere with it. Idk if it’s the translation or the author, but the writing just feels kind of empty. Nothing the MC does makes sense, and nothing the other characters do make sense. If you like a story where people either just suck off the MC for everything he does, or are retarded villains who get themselves killed in 2 seconds, then I guess you’d like this. My biggest problem is the story progression just seems so poor. You’ll have half a chapter dedicated to random filler bull**** nobody cares about, then a time skip of 6 months, before throwing some dumb ass situation at the MC where everybody acts like a fucking robot. There are no emotions reading this novel. It is however decent if ur just reading for something to fill time. Don’t expect to enjoy it though.


This book keeps getting better and better I can’t stop reading it so please keep writing this book and please write the next chapters soon so I’ll be able to read it thank you 😇🙏


I like the story premise, but everything happens too quickly, and it's so painful to read because of the broken grammar. I really wanted to give it a chance, but after 40-50 chapters I have to let it go.


The story is very one dimensional and the characters even more so. It reads like My Immortal and anything interesting is completely laid bare in the same paragraph it is introduced. I do not recommend this novel to anyone.


Trash. Any plotline that tge author tries to present is there just brcause he thought that it would ve fun to drop some more **** into the pot. It makes absolutely no sense. He tries to make some setbacks for MC, as if MC recalled some other trauma, at this point it gets ridiculous. I understand wanting to give some depth to the mc, but first create any plot that would lead to this point. Bit just drop it like some **** cauze why not. You stupid? You have not once created any build up for ACTUAL setback. At this point you are just throwing in any bull**** clishe you can think of.