38 Hunter

The next morning, Alex immediately went to the hunter guild to register himself. He didn't bother with having breakfast since he had reached the Qi Gathering Stage. The natural Heaven and Earth energy became his nutrients so he was never hungry.

He walked to the hunter guild while observing the town. Though this town had a small size, the inside of the town was brimming with people. When he walked into the town, he actually forgot that he never tried to find out which way to the hunter guild.

He just followed the dungeon direction since the dungeon was the tallest tower in the town, he could easily find it.

He went near the dungeon and its entrance was crowded. Many people wanted to get inside the dungeon, not just Alex. Now, he wished he could ask someone the way to the hunter guild.

"Kya..!" someone fell in front of him.

The one who fell was a young girl who seemed to be in her twenties with short hair reaching her shoulder. She was wearing some kind of uniform.

"Are you okay?" Alex helped her up.


"My name is Alex."

"I'm Yuna. Thank you for helping me!"

"No no, I'm just wanting to ask someone where the hunter guild direction is?" he scratched himself and he was embarrassed.

"Ah...Do you want to go to the hunter guild? That's great, how about I lead you the way? I'm working as a receptionist there."

"Then, please lead the way for me, Miss Yuna."

"Don't worry, it is my job after all," she then started walking and said, "This way Mr. Alex."

Alex followed her and after a while, they arrived at the guild. The building was huge and they didn't wait long to go inside. It was too spacious but still crowded by people in the building.

"Mr. Alex, what do you want to do in hunter guild?"

"I want to register here."

"Oh, so you are new? Let me get to my desk, I will help you with your registration. This way, please," she led Alex to her counter.

Alex followed her and there were a few counters, each counter had around three receptionists. When he arrived at the counter, he looked at Yuna's colleagues. Apparently, she had two other colleagues, the first was a woman who looked like in her thirties, and the other was so young, it seemed that she was the same age as him.

"Ara...Yuna, is he your boyfriend?" the older one teased her.

"No...No, he wants to register here. So I'm going to help him, Sis Tina," she anxiously said. The older woman's name was Tina.

"Fufufu...I'm just joking with you. You are fun to tease."

"Hmph, Sis Tina why are you always like this?" she pouted and turned to Alex. "I will help you register. Can you lend me your status card for the registration?"

Alex nodded and he recalled when he was registered to Adventurer guild, the receptionist asked for his status card too. So, he understood the process must be similar. He then gave his card without thinking much. But there was one miscalculation here.

When Yuna looked at his status card.

Name: Alexander Sirius

Job: Sword Saint

Rank : 3

Level: 386

She dropped the card and her expression was hard to read.

"Ah...I'm sorry. Please forgive me to drop your card, Sir," she anxiously said.

Alex puzzled over why the girl in front of him gave such an exaggerated reaction. Suddenly, he remembered that he forgot to change his job and the Sword Saint job was still on display.

"I will immediately register you, Sir Sword Saint," she quickly registered him.

The other two were also curious and they were shocked when Yuna said 'Sword Saint'. This was one of the highest level jobs in the world.

The young one was scared while the older one was sweating, "Sir, Yuna is still young. She makes a mistake sometimes, I hope you could forgive her. If you want to give punishment, please punish me. After all, I'm her senior."

Before Alex said something, Yuna already came back. "Sir Sword Saint, this is your card and I've already registered you as a hunter," her hand was shaking. Then, she didn't forget to give a bronze badge.

Alex gave them an awkward smile, "It's alright. I don't really mind it. Just take it easy with me and please keep this a secret."

"Ye...Yes," they nodded their head anxiously.

The three were relieved to see Alex's reaction, they were more amazed to know that this young polite man was already a Sword Saint. Usually, people with this kind of job would become arrogant and petty. But Alex was simply magnanimous.

Alex wasn't bothered by this as he never thought his primary job would be something he needed to brag about, "Is there anything I need to know as a hunter?"

"There are four ranks of hunters namely bronze rank hunter, silver rank hunter, gold rank hunter, and platinum rank hunter. Bronze rank hunter is a hunter who usually hunts rank 0 to rank 2 monsters. For silver rank, you need to hunt rank 3 or 4 monsters, for gold rank hunter you need to hunt rank 5 or rank 6 monsters. And as for platinum, you need to hunt rank 7 or above monsters. Even in the hunter guild, they are rare."

As for their privilege, when you want to sell monster cores, a bronze rank hunter needs to keep in line like that," she pointed at the nearby counter. "That is the counter for selling your monster cores. While this counter was for registering new hunters. If you are a silver rank hunter, you will get special treatment."

This time, she pointed at the shorter line. She then explained, "Most hunters are bronze rank hunters. That is why when you become a silver rank hunter, you will get a line to specialize in silver rank hunters. As for a gold rank hunter, you don't even need to line up. You can just approach any of the receptionists and tell one of them that you want to sell monster cores. They will immediately handle your business. Even people from registering counters like us will immediately help a gold rank hunter to sell the cores if they come to us.

Lastly, for platinum rank hunters, they would be treated like a guest elder or special guest in this hunter guild."

"I understand. By the way, what is this monster core?" Alex was intrigued by this monster core since she kept mentioning it throughout the explanation. He had read about it in the alchemy manual since several pills in this manual mentioned monster core as ingredients. But when he killed monsters, either in Alisia Forest or Night Forest, they didn't have any so-called core. This was also why he didn't give any recipe that had a monster core as its ingredients to the dean.

"monster core is a kind of crystal that you get from the monsters in the dungeon. You can get them from inside of their body. The difference in monster rank will give you a different crystal. To put it simply, the higher of the rank of that monster, the higher the energy contained in the core."

"I see," he now understood better about it. This monster core was the ingredient for a few recipes for his pills. In his pills recipe, it said beast core. But their characteristics were the same. So maybe just the name is different, "By the way, what is the use of this core?" Alex continued.

"We mostly use it as fuel for lamps in the street or any magic equipment," Yuna answered shortly.

He was astonished because this monster core was very useful for Alchemist. If any Alchemists knew about this, they would immediately sue them. Well, in this world only he and his teacher were Alchemists though.

"Thank you," Alex got ready to leave the building.

"Don't say that, I'm just doing my job."

Alex then left to go straight to the dungeon. There were many people on the outside of the dungeon.

"Need a party, vanguard with rank 1 power!"

"Anyone need a porter?"

And many more people shouting here and there about the things they offer or looking for.

Alex just went to the counter beside the dungeon entrance. Someone was already standing there and when he saw Alex had a bronze badge while he was still so young, he disdainfully said, "You can go in. But remember that you are a hunter and if you die inside, other hunters won't have any responsibilities for anything that happens there."

Alex didn't bother with this as he already got used to it. Many people look down on him, not only in this world but also on Earth. He just got in without waiting long.

The room was spacious and it was around one kilometer in length and one kilometer in width. There were around fifty people inside this room. He also looked at a few monsters, their strength only had a rank 0. He continued to the deeper floor.

Alex's speed was fast, he could immediately kill the monsters when some of them directly blocked him. After a few days. he managed to get to the thirtieth-five floor. Alex noticed that the monsters from the first to tenth floors only had rank 0, as for those in eleven to twenty floors were mostly rank 1 monsters. Following this, he needed to reach the fortieth floor or more.

However, Alex was surprised when he killed a monster it was absorbed and disappeared immediately and only leaving its core. He recalled Alicia said he could collect the monster's part in the dungeon. He thought that maybe the monster's part she said was this core.

Furthermore, there seemed to be a floor without any monster in it and people call this a safe zone. According to them, there was a safe floor every ten floors starting from the fifth floor. And they treated this as their safe zone to re-supply.

Alex was now on the safe floor and he started to plan what he was going to do next. He also noticed that the deeper the floor he went to, the fewer the people in it.

Before this, he had to kill a few monsters to get to the deeper part of the dungeon, but now he only needed to kill as many as ten monsters to get past a floor. He became a bit disappointed when he noticed that this monster had a lower chance to drop a gacha ticket. But he still could accept it, even though the chance was lower, the speed he got was faster than hunting on the surface. He managed to get 30 tickets after killing a few hundred monsters.

On the surface, he may get at least one hundred tickets from five hundred monsters, but he needed more time to search for the monsters. In this dungeon, he didn't need to search for monsters because there were too many monsters in the dungeon and Alex could easily find and kill them. As long as he could keep killing, the rate would become faster eventually. He also wanted to raise his level, that way he won't be underestimated. Of course, he couldn't power up because of the level.

He decided to make the forty-fifth floor as his base, he would mainly kill on the fortieth floor. If there was a better chance, he would go to the fiftieth floor.

He started to move again from the thirtieth-sixth floor to the thirtieth-ninth floor. Alex kept killing monsters with an average number of a hundred on each floor. This time, he had to face the boss of the fortieth floor.

This boss was a rank 4 turtle monster and every floor's boss was one ranking higher than the normal monsters on that floor level. The people said it was designed that way so that hunters would use their strength and prepare them to fight the same rank monsters but with more numbers on higher floors.

This was the first time Alex fought a turtle and the turtle didn't seem to charge at him. He only guarded the stairs to go down. This turtle was so big with ten-meter in width and five-meter in height. It was blocking the entrance to the stairs.

Alex tried to test the water by throwing his spear to its head.


The spearhead was broken when touching its head but it didn't give any scratch. The turtle skin was too hard.

He did it again and now with his Flame Sword Wave.

'Flame Sword Wave'

He swung his sword vertically and a beautiful Flame Sword Wave appeared. If there were spectators in here, they would see how beautiful this Flame Sword Wave was. But in the turtle's eyes, this tyrannical sword wave might injure it. It pulled out its head back to the shell.


The Flame Sword Wave landed on this monster.

"Did I manage to cut him?" Alex tried to see what happened inside the fog.

After the fog cleared away, the turtle shell was completely fine. There was not even a scratch on it.

"It's really hard!" Alex frowned. This was the first time Alex fought with such a defensive type of monster.

Seeing his attack didn't put any scratch on him, Alex decided to use his Sword Intent this time. Alex then closed his distance with the turtle.

'Roar', this turtle tried to attack Alex with its head and he jumped high. He jumped toward the top of its shell.

'Sword Intent' 

He tried to use the Sword Intent to damage its shell, he knew that no creature couldn't be cut with his Sword Intent. He thrust his sword in full swing.


Alex's sword broke and he was surprised to see it. Not only he didn't put any scratch, but the turtle's shell also broke his sword.

But he suddenly felt something move on his left. He turned his head and the turtle swung its tail to him. Alex immediately put out his guard.

Alex was blown away and luckily he didn't suffer any injuries, but the momentum made him crash to the dungeon wall. But what was even more shocking was the turtle managed to bend its shell, making a ball shape like form and roll to him.

He was surprised to see what this turtle was capable of doing. It was also the first time for Alex to meet a turtle monster in this world. He never saw such a large turtle on Earth that could do such a thing, bending its shell. If this was on Earth, this turtle might become one of Guinness World Records as an elastic turtle.

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