Gacha Kingdom Building

Earth has changed and with it so has humanity. Follow Miwen as he makes use of his Gift, Gacha Kingdom Building.

uwuzer · Fantasy
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164 Chs

Cleaning Up

As promised, when morning came I talked with everyone about the recent developments regarding monsters spawning inside the kingdom.

While every girl had their own reaction to the news, the discussion quickly shifted to focus on what we would do going forward.

Even if the rabbits are low-tier monsters, it's important to prevent them from overpopulation or getting too strong. 

To handle that, we'd need at least someone familiar with hunting.

Luckily, there were quite a few options to choose from.

Mia was a given since she used to do it from a young age. Ellie also lived in a forest for a good portion of her life and so hunting comes as second nature to her.

Anna and Claire both have a military background, while Claire participated in expeditions, Anna defended a city close to some woods, and as a result, they should do fine.