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Chapter 35 - Foggy and Page. [+]

Tom walked the road in the dead of the night as he took in the sights, though his mind was also occupied by the thoughts of what happened today.

How his magic spell proved weak against the ninjas, he had given it some thought and came to the conclusion that the weak spells effects had something to do with the fact that those ninjas were a part of the Hand, a group of people that had mystical powers, it was only true that they had endowed their henchmen with some as well,

"I wonder if Nobu will be even more stronger," Tom thought as he remembered some flashes from his past life of Daredevil nearly loosing his life against Nobu.

"Wait! If he can beat Nobu, it means he has been going easy on me, haha!" Tom couldn't help but laugh out in the middle of the streets, no one was listening anyways as everyone knew that walking outside at this hour was the same as calling all the thugs for a treat.

"I have been so blind, thinking I was making a difference," Tom looked at his calloused hands as he clenched them.

"I need to go plus ultra I guess,"

"Huh!" As Tom was busy reflecting on himself, he heard the sounds of some trash cans falling over as well as the sounds of someone struggling,

Although Tom wasn't wearing his costume, that didn't mean he was not going to help, with his feets pumped, Tom ran towards the source of the disturbance.

He came upon the sight of a few dudes ganging up on a blonde woman, Cliche New York situation.

They seemed to be more interested in threatening her and hadn't done anything much,

"What business do you have with miss elaine!" One of the thugs yelled as he pulled one knife out, putting it dangerously close to the woman's eyes,

Tom didn't have any thoughts of waiting to find out what would happen as he pulled his fist back and smacked one of the thugs across the face, knocking him out cold.

This seemed to surprise the other three as they stopped what they were doing, the woman broke free and moved to the side, though she stupidly stood in place, not running away.

Not because she was scared out of her mind or anything, it was like she was curious to see what was going to happen.

Though he did notice her using her phone,

"Hey you!" One of the thugs ran at Tom, swinging his knife,

Tom expertly moved his head to the side and kneed the man in the gut"Uggh!"

Tom looked at the last two, the ones in question looked at each other before they gulped and nodded at each other before rushing at Tim together,

Tom smiled as he praised the twos effort in his mind before holding both of their heads and banging them into each other,

Seeing that they weren't dead, Tom slowly walked towards the lady.

"Are you f-"


A bat was swung in Tom's face from his back suddenly,

If it were one month ago, Tom would have been knocked out from the pain, but he had trained much in this month and honed himself,

With anger burning in his eyes, he angrily snatched the bat, before pulling it back to give the man a taste of his own medicine,

"Foggy!" The woman suddenly shouted, surprising Tom as he understood the two were acquainted.

He also understood who this fat dude was,

"Run page!"

Foggy yelled as he hugged Tom, entangling his feet, trying to make Tom trip.

"Foggy! Stop it, he helped me."

"Huh!" Foggy was surprised as he looked up at Tom, who had Tattoos hidden beneath his shirt, a bit of it revealing from the side of the neck.

"I know I am handsome, but I don't swing that way," Tom smiled as he rubbed the stinging pain from the back of his neck.

He had half a mind to smack the fatty across the face but controlled himself,

"Thanks for helping me," Page spoke as she shook Tom's hands.

"My name is Page and this is Foggy, if you ever need help, you can come to us,"

Page smiled at Tom as she gave him a card, Taking it, Tom gave it a look.

"Ah! You work for Matt."

"You know Matt," asked Foggy.

"Yeah, he and I are friends, since you are his friends, I can let it go, my name is Tom, I am a Professor at Midtown high and Scientist at Oscorp, a pleasure to meet you,"

Tom introduced himself, though he looked at the recovering thugs and reminded.

"I think we should move away from here," he pointed at the thugs sprawled across the alleyway as he smiled.

"Huh-Yeah, lets go,"

It didn't take long for the trip to run away, though the two awkwardly thanked Tom again as they took their leaves.

Tom also had better things to do as he left for his home, it was better if he take a little rest, while coming up with ways to meet Peter's Alter ego.



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