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Chapter 33 - At the docks. [+]

"Still sticking to those piss ideals Matty, what are you going to do if its you or the other guy, are you going to lay down your life because of your morals," Tom heard the rough voice of an elderly man as he calmly stepped in from the open window.

"Huh! I didn't know you had the elderly over, want me to come next time?" Tom joked as he took a good look at Stick, one of the best martial artists in the Marvel universe.

Stick also stood up along with Matt as he observed Tom who was looking like some idiot from ComicCon,

"Great! Another Joker has joined us,"

"Another? I guess you could pass as a third-grade Pennywise character," Tom spat back.

Matt came in between the two as he introduced,

"Magician, this is Stick, the mentor I told you about, and Stick, this is Magician," Matt finished as Tom held his hands forward.

"So can you make me a horsey," Stick mocked.

Tom said nothing as he just scoffed at him, Stick didn't push it as Matt was growing annoyed by the site of the two people arguing.

"Anyway, what do you need help with?" Tom asked as he shifted his attention towards Matt who gave him a beer.

"It's the Hand, something called a black sky and its supposed to be very dangerous for New York…." Matt started explaining as best as he could while Tom listened in silence.

According to what he heard, Matt didn't know what exactly the black sky was, In reality, even Tom didn't remember much about it as his past memories were rather foggy.

He only remembered that those with the black sky had the power to control the Hand or something like that.

"So you tried to get to Leland without me and failed, atleast we will be able to put a dent in Fisk's operations this way, I am in."

"Great! Now that the girl scouts are ready, maybe we can get a move on!" Stick, who had lost his patience shouted from the sofa as Matt sighed.

"Man! People really do become annoying with age," Tom mocked as he looked at Stick, who was equally as blind as Matt.


At the docks

Three figures could be seen hiding as they were on the lookout.

"That container holds the Black sky," Tom pointed at the container hanging in the sky, itching to blast a body binding curse to pause the thing in mid-air but he knew it was a pipe dream as he will almost instantly feel sluggish as his stamina will drain.

"Yeah…..Matt, how many people can you see," Asked Stick as he patted Matt,

"20 people with strong and steady rhythms, extremely weak as if they are going to die," Replied Matt.

Stick hearing this couldn't help but mutter," Yet they stand as if nothing," he said as he eyed the Ninjas.

"And another one, strong and fast, like a horse in its heydays, it feels…"

"Different, that's Nobu, one of the fingers," Stick completed his sentence as the two looked at the container lowering,

"You two create distractions while I deal with the Black sky," Stick suggested.

Tom had no problems as he really wanted to try his brute strength against the members of the Hand.

"Alright," Matt agreed, though he turned around once more, "Remember…no killing," he warned.

"Yeah Yeah! Now go," Replied Stick.

Although Tom had a weird feeling in his stomach as he looked at the ninjas, aside from the usual excitement and nervousness of fighting his enemies,

He felt a weird feeling, as if someone had submerged him in water, he felt sluggish

Nonetheless, Tom moved out as he used the hardening quirk, running towards a ninja who also sensed his presence and turned around, ready to cut Tom.


"Hmph! You have got to try harder," Tom yelled as he pulled his fist back and smashed it into the poor ninja, sending him flying back.

The sound of a body hitting the various containers brought everyone out of their focus as they got alert,

Matt was also dealing with Two ninjas, So Tom rushed in to help him, Raising his hands in the air, he used the body-binding curse to lock the culprit in place as Matt smacked the two against the heads, sending them off to sleep,

"Huh! It's that weird feeling again," Tom felt his stamina or power drain faster than usual as he cast the spell.

A small amount of Dark smoke rose from the Ninja's body though Tom didn't notice it and focused his attention on the two Ninjas running towards him with their swords at the ready.

They soon got busy fighting as Tom didn't bother using his spells as he felt something was wrong, he just couldn't put his mind to it.

Meanwhile, Stick was eyeing Nobu like a hawk as he opened the container, inside was a boy, Stick seeing the boy immediately took out a bow as he aimed.

Tom was busy fighting the three ninjas as they took turnings chipping away at his hardened skin,

If it were before the time Tom had taken the training lessons from Matt, surely would have suffered a loss.

*Bang Bag Bam* three bodies flew out like kites as they bashed against some containers with enough force to rattle them.


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