Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse

Mc gets transmigrated into the world of Marvel with a Gacha system,Watch as our MC battles against all odds to fight through the events of Marvel Tags: No Harem,Multiversal story,Weak to strong.Gacha with template World: Main or first world: Marvel Second World:MHA or can be discussed in comments Third world:Recommend

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Chapter 16

Tom stood at the front of the classroom, a chalkboard behind him covered in notes and diagrams. A group of eager students sat before him, pens and notebooks at the ready.

"Good morning, class," Tom began. "Today, we're going to be discussing the basics of cell biology."

The students leaned forward in their seats, eager to learn.Tom began to draw a diagram on the chalkboard, explaining the different parts of a cell and their functions.

"As you can see, the cell membrane acts as a protective barrier, allowing certain molecules to pass through while keeping others out," Tom explained.

He continued to go into detail, discussing the different organelles and their roles in the cell. The students scribbled down notes furiously, trying to keep up with Toms rapid pace.

After an hour of lecture, Tom handed out a worksheet to the students, asking them to apply what they had learned to various scenarios.

The students worked in small groups, discussing the scenarios and applying their knowledge to find solutions. Tom walked around the room, offering guidance and answering questions.

One student, John, raised his hand. "Sir Tom! I don't understand this part about mitochondria," he said.

Tom walked over to John's desk and sat down next to him. He pulled out a diagram and began to explain the role of mitochondria in cellular respiration, breaking down the complex process into simple terms that John could understand.

As the class ended,Tom reminded the students of their upcoming quizes and urged them to continue studying hard. The students packed up their bags, thanking Tom for the informative and engaging class.

As he watched her students file out of the classroom, Tom couldn't help but feel proud.He knew that He was making a difference in the lives of these students, instilling in them a love of biology and a thirst for knowledge that would stay with them for years to come.

Tom also left the class while turning off the lights,it had been two days since the Russian gang war incident and Tom was constantly going around every night to apprehend criminals to earn some GP

In two days time he had gone from 1300 GP to. Whopping four thousand,it could be said that helping Peter two days in a row as a teacher plus all those other students,include the small time snatcher of Hell's Kitchen and you will have yourself a large sum of GP

Though Tom didn't get carried away and and kept himself well hidden,he even saw daredevil a few times from far away but didn't bother contacting him

Another thing that happened was the Russians were back as if they had never been caught in the first place,though they had started acting a bit more restricted so nothing was going on on that end and he wasn't able to see the world like sonar as compared to Daredevil so it was harder for him to fight crime

The constant fightings were taking a toll on him so he started skipping on the marathon level exercise that gave so little GP and instead just stayed with hunting petty criminals.

Tom had another important thing on his plate now,write papers on his subjects,it took him some time,but once he chose a subject,thugs became much more clearer for him,Oscorp accepted him as a scientist in their ranks and even allowed him some private time in the lab,Tom finally understood why the company was growing so rapidly,with services as good as this,which guy wouldn't want to accept

He had more then enough money to move out of Hell's Kitchen by now,but he didn't have the need to seeing as the place was crawling with thugs,thugs full of GP waiting for him to harvest

Tom spent rest of his days fighting criminals as best as he could and now The mafia had another guy to deal with on top of Daredevil,even Kingpin took note of him,Though he still wouldn't let Madam Gao know of this as that would mean he was not fit to be a leader

Just like that,a month passed and Tom was given much more importance in the department of Oscorp research and development,although he didn't meet with Osborn,he did get to meet Connors and they hit it off seeing as Tom was able to keep up with the guys thoughts

Tom kept gathering GP as well by doing two publications that each gave him 200 GP,he expected more but nothing could be done about it

"System! Show me status"

[Tom Warden]

[Profession: Teacher,Scientist,Vigilante]

[Skills: Protego, Petrificus Totalus, Persuasion]

[Items: Bulletproof cloak]


Looking at the high number of GP,Tom couldn't help but giggle like a maniac or a gambler on his last legs as he rubbed his hands

He had not done any draws for a whole month by now,and it was starting to weigh on his mind,even the bulletproof cloak of his had been left with a few patches by now,it was still doing its work,for now that is

though as Tom was about to make 20 draws at the same time so that their may be rain,The system made a prompt

[Ding! Host has fulfilled the conditions for the first system upgrade]


Earn 10,000 GP

Survive for a total of 35 days

Defeat 100 plus thugs]

[System undergoing upgrade Time left 12hrs]

"ehh, I forgot the system was only at level one,I hope it doesn't eat up my GP or I will really be furious"

Tom thought worriedly,though he could do nothing as he saw the slowly dwindling number of GP

With a heavy heart,he pulled up the blanket and went to sleep,still eager to sleep as he had tomorrow off due to a Sunday


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