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[+]Chapter 51 Madam Gao.

It had been a few days, Tom hadn't seen Matt since then, he was mostly busy in downtown and Manhattan plus he felt like Matt didn't need his help for now.

Hells kitchen was eerily quiet for now and the mafia families had either run away or cowered under Fisk and joined his banner.

Fisk had officially become the one and only king of Hells kitchen, his influence was spread over the whole of New York.

In public he was a respected figure while he was a dark mafia boss in the underworld, Tom hadn't acted until now because even if he were to beat the guy half to death, it won't matter as the government will be in his favor and Tom will have to hide from the media and the police, he had already felt the influence of the government and even now he was considered more of a fugitive rather then a hero unlike the other Vigilante.

Tom was waiting for Matt to contact him regarding Fisk so that he can earn rewards from two to three missions at the same time, he had no doubt that Fisk was a very strong individual as compared to his series counterpart.

He was sure that once he helped Matt and defeated Fisk, he will be getting a good amount of GP, possibly as much as when the lizard attacked or more since Fisk had the underworld in his palms.

While he was earning his daily GP, he was also keeping an eye on Ben Urich since he knew the guy will die by the hands of Fisk and he didn't want that on his conscious.

While going through the times square, his eyes fell on a television which was crowded by a lot of people.

Seeing the news of death of One Owsley, Tom knew that the wheels were turning, He only needed to wait for Matt to contact him, just as he was thinking about this, his phone range, taking it out, Tom saw who it was and found out it was Matt.


"Need help! fast!" Matt on the other side was breathing heavily for some reason, the guy probably hasn't healed yet and is suffering from open wounds.

"Send location," Tom didn't bother teasing him anymore and opened the phone to see the message.

Putting the location on GPS, he started flying towards the location.


Matt who found a factory full of Blind people working on some drugs was beyond angry as he violently barged in seeing that another man was about to be blinded for some meager money.

He half expected to beat the people around him but didn't expect to be met with a flying shuriken that nearly struck his head.

"Ninjas!" Matt immediately saw his surroundings and noticed the HAND ninjas around him, he had fought with Nobu before and the get up was very similar.

What was more confusing was the heartbeat of his enemies, none of their hearts were beating.

'Are they dead?!' Matt grew surprised as he parried a sword strike with his trusted batons and struck one of the ninjas on the head, dropping him to the ground.

Just as one fell, another one took its place, it was very difficult to fight the HAND ninjas as they were rather hard for him to spot, though he also felt another heart beat at this moment and momentarily looked up.

An old woman that looked rather weak was standing, smiling at him as she sized him, though from what he felt from her, she was everything but weak, he had been beaten once by Nobu and didn't want a second time.

In minutes he had beaten a few more hand ninjas while the old woman had disappeared from his range.

Matt looked at the fallen ninjas and then at the group of blind people who were starting to crowd around him.

He was preoccupied by them when suddenly a palm struck him, sending him flying three meters into the air, his back making contact with the hard ground as he coughed out blood.

The old woman known as Gao expertly blended in the group of old blind people as they again huddled around Matt, trying to stop him from running away.

As Madam Gao was about to strike again, Tom flew in from above breaking the glass ceiling as he did so.

"Petrificus Totalus!"

A spell struck the group of old men and women as they stopped in their tracks, unable to move, only a single old lady was left unattended.

Tom who felt the enormous amount of energy in his body deplete immediately understood what was happening as he saw an old lady try to run away.

Tom ran after her as he knew Matt was safe for now.

Madam Gao expected this as she thrusted her cane forward as it transformed into a sword,


"Hah! Is this all you got," Tom hardened his body and took the attack head-on as he struck the woman with a punch using Tekkai, Madam Gao shouted in pain as she was sent flying a few meters into the air.

"Matt! Are you alright? it seems you always run into trouble."

Tom asked as he ran after Madam guy who had the speed of a cheetah as she ran away, although he had a flying skill and what not, his speed wasn't slow either but he was no match for the old assassin as she hid herself.

Seeing as there was no way for him to find her, he quickly returned, he was halfway back when he heard the giant explosion in the factory he just left behind.


Tom flew down as he noticed the figure of a badly beaten Matt lying in the alleyway.


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