63 Chapter 063: Ancestor's words, choose a virtuous and gentle wife _1

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Chapter 063 An Ancestor Once Said, "Look for a Good Wife"

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"Get lost! You never mean well. It was one thing you separating from your uncle and aunt, now you want to drag me and the class president into this." Zhang Songsheng said angrily. "I've really wasted my love on you."

"Liu Shiqing," Li Ziran said, "if you..."

Liu Shiqing chuckled, "It's just a joke, don't take it seriously. Well, tomorrow is Saturday, I want to go back home and visit my grandfather. Songsheng, class president, are you interested in going with me? The peach blossoms are blooming now, and you two can have a romantic date under the flowers. How romantic that will be."

Zhang Songsheng glanced at Li Ziran, "Class president, I think Shiqing's suggestion is quite good, shall we go with him for some fun?"


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