18 The Second Male Lead 1

Ming Mei remembered this chapter of the story quite well.

First of all was the Ming family's traditional Outing which they do everything year before Christmas and new year.

They would go to a different part of the residence which was full of trees and more rooms than the main estate.


Walking towards her carriage was Ming Mei, dressed as pretty as ever, her blue and white Hanfu brought out her beauty even more.

Her hair styled in two buns which was decorated with pins and jewels.

Of course she wasn't in a good mood because she had no other choice but to attend the outing, yet she felt it could be more refreshing for her.

Since she possessed the villainess body she has only been in the main residence, going out won't be that bad.

Just then, she saw from afar ahead, Ming Ciao walking with her maids but what caught her attention even more was the fact that Jin Ling was behind her.

She didn't seem to be the only ones shocked as Jai Lin with her ever curious self asked, "Sisi, why's the second Missy with the young master? That's weird isn't it?"

"Well I Heard it was the old Madame who had ordered them to ride together.. and spend time with one another.. sigh! I think that time is finally coming!"

Sisi said as they continued walking while Ming Mei's ears were glued to her words.

"What time are you referring to?" Jai Lin inquire.

Sighing, Sisi explained, "The second young lady I'd already sixteen.. soon it will be time for them both to have their first night and become an official couple, I'm sure the old Madame is just trying to make sure they set any differences between them before the time comes and it won't be long!"

She explained as Jai Lin nodded in understanding.

Meanwhile, literally panicking inside was Ming Mei. How could she have forgotten.

In a few time from now ML and her sister would try to consummate their marriage but that wasn't what she was worried about.

She had to do something to keep them apart at all cost, she couldn't have them lay together now, not now!!

Looking straight at her carriage horse, Ming Mei swiftly went to where it was as she pretended to pat it's back.

"I'm sorry little horsey but I have no other choice but to do this.. be freee!" She said softly as she took one of her sharp hair pins and cut the rope connecting the horsy to the carriage and with that, she kick the horse slightly which triggered it immediately.

The horse ran around the yard as the servants fan after it trying to stabilize it meanwhile a devious smile was plastered across her face.

Running in panic at the scene, Sisi bent down to Ming Mei's height, "Young missy, are you alright?"

Faking a sad expression, Ming Mei pouted, "No.. I'm not happy, the horse ran away.. what are we going to do now?"

Just then, Ming Ciao and Jin Ling walked over only to see the crying Ming Mei.

"Mei Mei, what's wrong?" Ming Ciao asked as she bent down before her little sister while Jin Ling with his normal expression just stood there, his eyes fixed on her but his lips sealed.

Sisi explained what had occurred with the horse to Ming Ciao who patted her sister.

"There isn't any other carriage and it would take the servants sometime to corner the horse.. she seemed calm for a second and now she's all sigh.. we don't know what to do second Missy."

Hearing her words, Ming Ciao then said, "How's that a problem.. Ming Mei can ride with I and Jin Ling, it won't be a problem.. c'mon!"

Saying that, she took hold of Ming Mei's hands as she dragged her towards the carriage.

Sisi and Jai Lin couldn't do anything about it so they just kept silent.

Little did they know that it was all part of their young lady's plan.

After the one hour ride, they finally got to the Violet residence and it was as beautiful as it's name.

They seemed to be the last ones coming as it was already filled with servants and maids.

Getting down, Jin Ling then turned to help Ming Ciao but just as he expected, she pushed his hands away and instead took assistance from the servants.

With her down, Jin Ling let out a slight sigh as his eyes then moved to Ming Mei who was just about to get down.

'is he gonna help me down?' Ming Mei was panicking slightly as she was so engrossed in thoughts that she didn't look were she was going and tripped on the carriage door.

Just as she was about to hit face down on the ground, just then, she felt two pear of hands, one on her waist and the other around her back.

She was ready to get welcomed by Jin Ling's face but instead she saw a somewhat familiar face that immediately scared the heck out of her.

It was him!


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