1 Prologue


Mei's mind slowly woke up in a whirlwind of confusion. Her last memory was the feeling of alcohol and a blurry, lively party. Now, she found herself in darkness, lost in an endless void. Fear crept in as she tried to make sense of her situation.

After what felt like a very long time, a faint light broke through the darkness. Mei suddenly stood in the middle of a room, but it wasn't the modern and luxurious setting she knew as a successful businesswoman. Instead, she was in a room filled with antique furniture, rich curtains, and a deep sense of history.

When she looked at her hands, she realized she was in the body of a child, no older than twelve. Her face was heart-shaped, framed by long, black hair, and her eyes showed a mix of fear and determination.

Panic gave way to confusion as memories from a novel she had read in her previous life rushed back. She recalled the story, the characters, and the role she had been transmigrated into. She now inhabited the body of the main character, a character despised by readers and doomed to a terrible fate: the villainess.

Mei had always been practical, and she had no intention of following the script that spelled doom for her character. To survive in this strange new world, she was willing to do whatever it took. If that meant being devoted to the male lead, she would be the most dedicated supporter he'd ever seen.

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