7 Ming Xia - The Female Lead

"Come join us for breakfast," I said as I smiled from ear to ear.

But instead of accepting my request he rejected it, "No thank you, Third missy.. I'll go back to my residence."

Turning Around, he was ready to leave but once again I stopped him from doing so.

"It wasn't a request, it was an order!" I voiced out, "I saved you just now so you should repay me for my kindness.. c'mon."

Without thinking, I took hold of his hands and pulled him towards the residence as my maids and Dao Li followed behind us.


Now seated on the long table was Jin Ling and I. He was quiet and didn't say anything but just kept his average expression.

Sighing, I couldn't help but feel if forcing him here might have made his perspective of me even worse.

But I was interrupted from my thoughts as just then, Ming Ciao, my sister in this world, said aloud, "What is the meaning of this?"

With an angry expression, she walked in. Dressed in a peach colored hanfu, she had her white fan with her as usual as she was escorted my her bodyguard, 'Jiaong'

"Sister," I muttered as I stood up only to be met with her angry look.

"You? What is he doing here? After hurting my little sister, you still dared to show your face here.. I'll teach you a , Jiao-"

But before she could command her bodyguard to hurt Jin Ling, I immediately stood up and stopped her.

"B-big sister, calm down.. it was me! I was the one who brother brother in-law here," I revealed and I could see how shocked she was as she blinked twice.

"W-what! Why will you do that?"

She asked be but before I could respond, we were both rudely interrupted by a beautiful figure that emerged from the door.

"And what reason would she have not to invite Young Master Jin?"

Said Ming Xia was she made her into the breakfast room, accompanied with her most trusted maid, 'Lian'

With her brown chestnut hair glowing with the sun's reflection, she looked as beautiful as a sunflower.

The exact innocent and intriguing beauty possessed by every female lead in a novel.

She was as gradient as the sun as I was literally drooling over her.

Her green emerald eyes, her fair milky skin and her pink hanfu that matched her hairpins perfect.

She was after all Ming Xia, the First Missy of the Ming family and the female lead to the amazing story.


"Young master Jin is your husband and so he has more than enough right to dine with us as the breakfast table and yet to say such things, I'm really disappointed in your sister, tsk tsk!"

Ming Xia muttered as she shaked her head slightly causing my sister to turn red in anger.

"You witch, who do you think you are to call me sister? Or have you seem to forgotten who you are in this house?"

"Let me remind you of your status as you are nothing but just as concubines daughter so don't for once think that just because you have the title of 'First missy' you are suddenly apart of this family."

"The reason grandma only allowed you and your stupid sister inside our house hold is because the first Madame is gone and even so your mother remains a concubine and so shall you be-"


She was hit on the face.

Before I get back to the drama, why don't I summarize all these for you.

The Ming family consist of two men and that is my uncle and my father.

My uncle Ming Lou is the eldest while my Father Ming Gao is the youngest but they are of the same age as they are twins.

And so grandmother had divided the family business into two giving the two brothers each.

Yet the wealth, property and money are all owned by grandmother and when she reaches her time to die, she shall give it to that child who she loves the most.

Apart from that, my Uncle Ming Lou had a wife who he married all for business before he fell in love with Ming Xia's mother Bai An.

But years later his first wife dies suddenly and grandma had permitted him to bring Ming Xia and her mother in since they were now her son's family.

But except from the title as first daughter, Ming Xia had nothing else in her name to really see herself as a member of this family.

Thus giving her two cunning cousins 'Ming Mei and Ming Ciao' all the reasons to look down on her.

Now you may continue…


Ming Ciao was hit in the face, leaving everyone shocked and taken aback by the sudden slap.

The maids all gathered around as Jin Ling stood up. It was as if they were all watching a drama, sigh.. but it was quite interesting.

We all awaited my sister's retaliation but instead we got something even more interesting.

With tears flowing from her eyes, my sister said bitterly, "O-older sister, why did you hit me? All I said was that I was shocked to see my husband here.. but you hit me like that, what did I do wrong?"

She said as she sobbed lowly and not just I was shocked, the entire maids including Ming y.

"What are you say-"

But before she could say anything, a strong but old voice was heard from behind us.

"Ming Xia, how dare you hurt your sister?" said the old mademe.

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