2 Ming Mei

The historical novel I read before my passing was titled "The General Jin's Thousand Melody."

It was a captivating story filled with pain, betrayal, drama, and, most importantly, love.

As the saying goes, every story needs an antagonist, and in this case, it was Ming Mei, often referred to as 'The Villainess.'

She happened to be the sister-in-law of the male lead, Jin Ling. Born with a wicked and sly heart, she tormented the male lead until he left the Ming mansion.

Years later, he returned as a general, and, as expected, she met her well-deserved fate, death.

The puzzling part was why I found myself transmigrated into the body of this character. I couldn't help but wish for a more favorable role, perhaps even that of the female lead or a simple side character.

However, the mirror revealed that the character I now inhabited was a stunning girl, only 12 years old, and her beauty surpassed anything I'd ever seen.

I, with my average face, felt like I was living in a dream. Multiple pinches confirmed that this was my new reality.

Now, first things first, I have to find a way to succumb to the male lead. If I wanna survive in this world, I must make sure the male lead and female lead hate me no more so I can live the rest of my days in peace.

And with that, I stood up and made my way out of the room.

But before I could even take a few steps towards the exit, I was stopped by a group of maids and standing in their midst was a rather familiar maid.

She must be, 'Sisi' the villainess nanny who had a horrible fate as her master.

With a concerned look on her face, her eyes were teary as she blurted, "Young Miss, you just recovered from your fall.. you shouldn't be going out right now especially not with those clothes.. it's snowing out!"

Biting my lips slightly, I finally said, "I want to see Jin Ling, bring him to me!"

I commanded. Doing that would be normal after all I am now the young missy so I had right and authority over them, right?

But instead of doing as I commanded, the maids all exchanged concerned look as they panicked slightly.

Finally, Sisi, the brave one out of them, said, "Well my lady, have you forgotten that you punished the second young master and you said that no one is allowed to release him or go near him apart from you!"

She declared as I gasped slightly, "Punishment? What type of punishment and why is he being punished?" I inquired.

"My lady, Don't Tell me you don't remember what had happened before you fell and hit your head?" Sisi questioned as concern flashed across her face and to respond, I shaked my head.

"Immediately, send for the physician! Her Ladyship is unwell!"


After almost half an hour of being repeatedly checked by the physician, I was finally allowed to leave my room and I went straight to the Male leads residence.

On my way, Sisi had explained to me all that had occurred before the accident.

It turned out that our villainess Ming Mei has stumbled upon a flower pot at the back of her former residence and so she claimed the flower to be hers even when she was unaware of who planted it.

To cut things short, it turned out that our Male lead 'Jin Ling' was the one who had planted the flowers and after removing it, he was immediately attacked by Ming Mei who tried to cry over something that wasn't hers.

In the end, while she was shouting and bickering, she had immediately slipped on the mud and fell down off the ground, hitting her head hard on the tree.

After she had woken up, she had immediately commanded the maids to punish Jin Ling by flogging him 25 times and commanding him to kneel in front of her old residence until she felt better.

But ain't that too much for the poor 16 year old ML. And in the first place, it wasn't his fault she fell down, it was all her fault but he got punished for it all.

Just thinking about it gets me irritated. I had to rush quickly. With my hair styled in a nice twin ponytail and decorated with purple pins and ornaments, I looked cute and adorable.

Let's not forget the nice looking hanfu that I was given to wear that matched my cute fur coat.

It was snowing so it was very very cold. I wonder how the male lead must be surviving under such weather.

No matter what, I must find a way to survive in this world. I must find a way to make the male lead hate me no more no matter what it takes.

I shall survive even if it meant Doting on him nonstop.

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