3 Jin Ling - The Male lead

Jin Ling played the role of the male lead, who had a horrible beginning but a remarkable end.

He was the second son of his father, who was a king in a small kingdom in the east.

But after they were framed for rebelling against the emperor, they were attacked and taken captive.

Although the investigation still went on, in order to keep his family in check, the emperor had sent him into the Ming Family.

One of the richest and most respected families in the Bai empire.

And to make things more complicated, after a year… He became the Husband of the second daughter of the Ming family, "Ming Ciao."

But even though he appeared as her husband, he was never ever treated as one and was bullied, criticized, insulted and mistreated.

That was one of the reasons I was so in love with him and almost cried at each chapter I read.

But alas, here I am… Inside the novel which I loved the most but as a character, I hated the most.


I hurriedly made my way to my old residence, where the male lead had been told to kneel and think about his actions, even when he was innocent.


The outside door dashed open as I made my way into the courtyard, only to be embraced by the beautiful face of the boy kneeling a few inches before me.

Amidst the falling snow, the courtyard was covered in a serene blanket of white. Jin Ling, the male lead, knelt there, shivering from the cold, his breath visible in the icy air. His face, though still handsome, bore the pallor of someone exposed to the biting winter chill.

I approached him, the soft crunch of snow underfoot. His robe, adorned with frost and snowflakes, clung to him as a symbol of his forced marriage into the Ming Family.

His gaze, usually distant and cold, now held a frosty intensity as it met mine.

My heart ached for him, the character I had come to love, despite my current role as the character I had grown to despise. With determination, I braved the cold and whispered, "Y-you stand up! You can leave now!"

I declared, although my voice cracked slightly, his gaze was so terrifying that it left my throat dry.

"What are you waiting for? I told you to stand!" I commanded once more, but he stood there, still on his knees, not moving an inch.

Turning to Sisi, I asked, "Why isn't listening to me?"

"Because I asked him not to," I heard a feminine voice ring out from behind me and as I turned around I found myself getting captivated by the extreme beauty of a tall, slender and beautiful woman.

"Greetings, Second Missy," I Heard my maids say as they bowed down in respect.

Second Missy? Could it be my sister and the male lead first wife, Ming Ciao?

Smiling, Ming Ciao, dressed in a green Hanfu, walked towards me with her white fan in hands and said, "My darling, Why do you want to let him go? Have you forgotten that he dared push you down… he should be beheaded for doing such a thing in the first place…"

She said as she looked at him with anger visible in her eyes.

What am I supposed to do now?

"Sister, there's no need to punish him anymore, it's snowing heavily… He should go inside," I tried to protest, but it was in vain.

"Exactly my darling, you maids!!" She shouted, "It's snowing so heavily, and you still keep my sister out in the cold? Do you wish you could die? Take her in this instant!"

She commanded, and they immediately approached me and took me away even when I tried to free myself.

Argh! I should have known that even though I had Power in this family, My sister was stronger.


I sighed as I rolled around my bed. It has been almost half an hour since I was forcefully placed in my room, and they have all denied my Access to meet with the male lead.

I remembered this part of the novel very well, it was actually one of the most heartbreaking parts, actually.

A Month ago, the male lead had started growing some flowers whose seeds he saved up to buy for his sister's memorial.

And today was her memorial and he had gone to pluck the flowers which he planted just for her but unfortunately, our conniving villainess had appeared and ruined it all.

She had to find a way to get out of here and save the Male lead.

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