26 Culprit 3

"Old Madame! I'll confess! I'm ready to confess!" She cried out just before ling could drag her out completely ruining the old Madame's plan.

Just when you needed criminals not to confess they were ended up doing so.

"Are you sure? Don't mess with us?" Ling shouted as the maid shakenly nodded.

And with that, the room became more tensed than usual.

"Tell who who was the one who instructed you to hurt the third prince and young master?" The old Madame questioned as all eyes were on the maid, including mine.

"W-well.." she hesitated slightly but finally she said something and I totally wasn't expecting her response.

"It's actually her!" She declared as she brought up her hands and pointed at her Right and to my surprise, I was the one who she pointed at,

wow! I'm shocked.

"I-it was the third Missy who had instructed me to push the young master into the well because she hated him but since the prince was present, she then changed the plans and instead asked me to push them both to make it seem as though The you g master committed the crime!"

She said aloud as everyone was in surprise as they gasped in shock.

Well everyone except me. It was such a classic plan really. I knew from the first time I saw her that she was bad news and I was correct.

Ming Xia must have felt to anxious to get brother in-law to hate me, but I had to her that her plan did have foundation.

After all everyone did know that the third Missy hated the young master and even though I had changed this couple of days, they all would think that it was all a lie and just part of my scheme.

I don't remember care about what everyone else thinks except for the male lead. If he trusted me then they can continue to Think as ill of me as they wanted.

Now back to the scene. Upon hearing her words, everyone was shocked but anger was only seen in the old Madame's eyes.

"Impudent!! How dare you say such a thing? You dare to accuse my grandchild.. are you wishing death upon yourself?" She shouted angrily.

Bowing, the Maid pleaded, "Please old Madame, believe me.. I'm telling the truth.. the only reason I did all thses was because my siblings are being held captive by the third Missy.. please have mercy on me!"

She pleased are words growing more and more convincing, sigh! So pathetic.

Getting on her knees, Hui Li and Ming Ciao cried our, "mother/Grandmother Mei Mei would never do such a thing.. she would never hurt the prince no matter how much she Hates the young master.. she loves the prince to much!"

Ming Ciao and Hui Li begged on my behalf and Sisi and my other maids all also knelt down to plead but the old Madame was silent.

I understood the position she was in, wanting to protect her grandchild at all cost even when she knew she would have to stoop as low as disrespecting the emperor.

"Ming Mei, what do you have to say for yourself? Do you plead guilty to the maids words?" Ling questioned as my next words shocked everyone.

"I am not guilty of the crime which she claims that I have an hand in and most especially, I have evidence that can prove my innocence!"

I shouted as the room once again went dead silent.

"P-prove? What prove?" The old Madame asked as I smiled slightly before giving Jin ling a slight smirk and i could see his eyes not leave mine as though he was trying to figure out what was going on in my little head.

And Wala, I revealed it soon after.

"Bring him in!" I shouted aloud as just then, the door dashed opened and making her way in was a familiar face and behind her was another familiar face.

"I brought him as instructed my lady," the maid bowed as I nodded and she immediately placed him to his knees.

Upon seeing his face, Ming Xia and Lian's faces were already as white as snow in shock. They obviously couldn't understand what was going on.

Speaking with full courage, I said, "Grandma, this man who you all see here is actually the true culprit responsible for the well incident!"

"What? What do you mean?" They all seemed taken aback.

Now there were two culprit, how was that possible.

"Grandma, before I lay out the evidence... I would like to ask this maid a question," I said as the old Madame nodded and now all eyes were on me.

Walking towards the already shivering maid, I asked, "You said that I was the one who instigated you right?"

"Y-y-yes you are the one!" She lied foolishly.

"Then I must have paid you right?" I questioned as her eyes then widened slightly before quickly bringing our a brown bag full of silver taels as she showed it to everyone.

"T-this is the money that I was bribed with Old Madame.. this is it!" She said as long collected it from her hands.

And with that, I started laughing. My laugh so loud yet so confusing and at the same time scary.

Stepping back, I decided to let someone else do the talking.. after all, I've said so much already.

Even though I'm not as wicked and as manipulative as the real villainess, I totally won't let myself get accused for something I'm innocent of.

So get ready Ming Xia, I'll make sure you don't get away from hurting brother in-law!

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