Futa Diaries

A collection of short stories related to futanari women and some of the events in their lives. This will be a spattering of genres, from medieval, fantasy, futuristic, modern... you name it, and eventually... I might get to it. Each 'story' will average around 5 to 10K words, meaning 5 to 10 chapters, but I will never go past 20K words for a single story. Some may get revisited and given some followup story, depending on their popularity. All kinds of genres will be used, and all types of tone will also be used; some stories will be quirky and lighthearted, while others may be darker and more... unpalatable for some. Each story will have a warning for the kinks inside, and any suggestions will be taken in account for the next story. This is just a collection of random ideas that I don't think would flesh out well enough for a full novel, but is still something I want to write down. Uncommon uploads, always free to read, and mainly a collection of smut with a dash of story.

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Living the Dream..? (Part 1)


Kinks / Themes : Reincarnation, Cold to Loving, Futa MC, Dominant Futa Lead, Medieval, Fantasy


So I have a secret that I will NEVER EVER tell anyone...

Something that I will take to the grave with me without an ounce of hesitation.

I... wasn't from this world.

This world - Danu - was a fun little romance webnovel that I used to binge whenever I was able to, and it was a rather typical, cliche, yet endearing and soul comforting fantasy romance story that just gave you the warm and fuzzies, while still having that looming threat and nice action scenes that kept all parties reading in love with the characters and plot.

You had your Demon Empress that threatened the peace and the Elven Princess that rallied the Queendom to fight back; the out of the way, antisocial witch that lived far away holding a key item to the Demon Empress' downfall and the Academy that the talented Commoner main character attended, where she found herself in trouble before eventually becoming friends with the various quirky and different high ranking students because obviously.

Again, cliche as all hell and flooded with tropes, but it had been so wonderfully well written that I - and many others - found ourselves coming back for more of the 'slop' that the haters loved to call it.

I loved the story and sometimes even dreamed about being in this fantastical world, but damnit I was NOT expecting to ACTUALLY go to sleep and wake up in the story?!

Like who the HELL actually thinks that's going to happen?!

Not me.

Nuh uh.

And yet, here I was, and here I have been for the last four months, slowly watching the plot progress from as far as I could while dreading some of the things that happen - things that couldn't really be felt since they were given five lines of text total, yet had deep rooted consequences for those living that reality.

I mean, yeah its sad to read that the Demon Empress destroyed a village, but when that village is real, filled with two hundred people, and now its just gone..?

Or when the background character that popped up here and there was slaughtered to add more importance and drama to a scene?

Yeah, it feels so terrible, and it sucks even harder when you are... y'know, said background character...

Yup, that's me; I went from a nerd and wallflower to a quiet and shy Baroness that followed the ever so dashing and cool Duchess around, hoping to be of use to her.

Where I used to sip on dollar coffee and lounge around in casual streetwear, I now was drinking rare coffee and expected to dress up in... well, dresses.

By no means was I rich, but since I was the Duchess' follower, I had a level of 'impressiveness' that I needed to live up to, and so I went about my role as well as I could.

For four months I scrambled around and found some of the easy 'cheats' I could get my hands on, lining my pockets and endearing myself to the various powers that be as I left tips and suggestions to each, hoping to put myself in a place that would give me a decent level of safety while leaving me out of the limelight, and honestly... it worked.

Duchess Orelia had the special, unique blade meant for someone of her regal, blessed blood, the crafty, suave daughter of the richest merchant found herself a necklace that boosted her oratory spells, the dangerous and dark Knight managed to get her revenge well before it was written...

I did a lot of lurking and studying, and I made sure to endear myself to my betters before hiding myself away again, blending into the background as best I could while still remaining prevalent that people remembered who I was...

A fine balance that I needed to manage, and I would like to think I was doing so.

Sitting up, I let out a sigh as I idly began to comb my fingers through my curly hair, getting rid of some of the worst of my bedhead while blatantly ignoring the throbbing between my plump thighs, hoping that it would go away by itself.

My body here was similar enough to my previous one; midnight black hair, curvy figure, rich almond skin, puffy cheeks, and a thick, yet slightly short rod that ached for attention.

By no means beautiful, my features were slightly chubby, giving me a more homely feel that wasn't exactly in line with the Nobility, who were usually hawkish and sharp, while my freckles and droopy eyes were equally as unique - and not at all bad, just different.

Dark skin with freckles speckling my cheeks and nose, I had a relatively 'exotic' appearance for the Capital, which was located further north than I would have liked to live thanks to the deep cold, but I liked that about myself as well.

Then my curves were usually hidden beneath my clothing, and some good work and experience with corsets and exercising kept me at a healthy weight for someone who wasn't always running around and fighting...

In other words, I wasn't toned and slim, but instead I had a soft belly and plenty of 'meat' to offer, but again, a corset kept my 'worst' days hidden and made me feel better whenever I went out, while my clothing always complimented my skin and figure.

Modern style clashed with this Fantasy life I was living, and I had to adjust myself to the formal wear, but I had come to love it for how great I thought I looked in it~!

Problem was, where I could hide an erection under a hoodie, popping a boner in a dress was... hard to conceal, so I needed to learn to contain and bottle up my desires as best I could, but...

Damnit it was hard!

Seriously, whenever you read a book and hear 'beauty this' and 'gorgeous that', the authors ain't fuckin' lying! 

Even if I think even they don't know what their creations look like...

Models everywhere in this school, and I had almost fainted when I saw Duchess Orelia the first time.

Like, I swooned so hard I almost dropped; she was literally drop dead gorgeous, and I just...

Like damn...

Just... damn.

Even seeing her each day didn't lessen that feeling, but knowing that she would fall for the klutz MC made getting over my crush easy; besides, who's got time for romance when the Demon Empress is coming to kill YOU in particular?!

Not me!


That was like, two years from now...

So like...


Letting out another sigh, I looked down and stared blankly at my morning wood, wondering why this thing demanded so much attention so early in the morning... and why I was already beginning to stroke it?

A soft moan escaped my lips as I blushed, the guilty pleasure of masturbating while I knew that I should be getting ready for the day washing over me as I pulled down my pajama pants and stroked it directly, all while my other hand slid beneath my heavy balls and caressed my pussy, which was getting wet as well.

In my last life I was a virgin, but I knew that I didn't care if my partner was a woman or a futa; I didn't mind either way, so I ended up masturbating with both, which... was addicting.

Both provided a pleasure the other couldn't, and I had to admit that most days started with me cumming from both... sometimes thrice, if I was horny enough...

Today though I kept it short, fingering myself as hard as I could and making me moan loudly inside my room as I came from both ends at the same time, shooting my semen into the air and covering my chest with it, while my pussy spasmed and squirted, sending a tsunami wave of pleasure throughout my body.

Feeling my cum covering my relatively large breasts made me shudder, my sensitive chest enjoying being splashed with semen even if it was my own...

It was another thing I discovered about myself thanks to needing to masturbate more frequently - celibacy was difficult and I wanted to get those dopamine hits when I could - and I came to realize that my partner - should I ever get one - would be able to make me easily cum by abusing my breasts...

It led me to fantasizing about Duchess Orelia using them to masturbate her cock, before cumming all over them and my face as she marked me as her good little slut... and then I woke up and teased my nipples for an hour.

Not the most proud fap, but certainly one of the better ones.

Anyways, now that I was finished, I waved my hand and used my mana to clean up the area, leaving little trace of my deed besides the lingering scent and my own expression, which was likely blushing and extremely shy.

Getting off the bed, I prepared for the long day ahead as I dressed myself up, putting on my most expensive outfit, some jewelry, putting on some makeup, doing my hair and making sure I had the letter of invitation firmly in my purse, which was connected to me so that I wouldn't lose it.

Gently applying some perfume, I checked out my appearance and nodded, liking the way I looked with the light blush and subtle red lipstick, as well as the small amount of eyeliner I had applied as well; it all looked good and subtle enough that I shouldn't catch anyones attention, though...

I sighed as I looked down, the red silk dress and wine red corset propping up my large breasts and making me look a bit like a tramp, even with the corset being rather loose - to the point it was barely on.

The thin, transparent wine red cloth over my breasts didn't hide them at all, and my cleavage was easy to see from afar, meaning... the futanari at the ball would be rather interested in me, sadly enough.

I was a subject of lust amongst my peers, but Nobles kept themselves rather in check for fear of ruining their image... but a few didn't care or were under the influence of alcohol during these events, so I needed to keep myself from suddenly being cornered...

Like last time; a futa had pinned me in a corner and was trying to convince me to lift my dress up and bend over for them, their promises of riches and aid in exchange for a quick fuck making me go red with shame as I seriously pondered it for a moment.

I needed money, and the word of a higher Noble could be useful, but they were clearly drunk and far too horny to make a proper deal, let alone remember it, but... they were also a higher Noble, so I needed to be careful with how I refused them.

I... almost got raped that night, the futa getting impatient and threatening to pull me into a drawing room and fuck me like some common whore before tossing me aside, but thankfully I got luck and Duchess Orelia saw them accosting me, so I had been saved by my 'knight in shining armor' as she dragged them away from me, though I never got to thank her for it that night... just the next day.

It made me exhale sharply as I carefully patted my cheeks - I almost slapped myself before remembering that I was wearing expensive makeup - and said "Get it together, Baroness Liani! I got a ball I need to be at! So stop piddling!"

Glaring at myself in the mirror, I sighed as I muttered "Am I crazy?" before turning away, gathering up the things I needed and double checking everything before heading out of my room, entering the larger, populated halls of the Academy and making my way towards the gigantic ballroom where we would be celebrating one of the Princesses birthdays, which was a mandatory celebration for any with Noble blood.

In other words... a stuffy event of all types of formalities.

Reaching the door, I presented my invitation to the towering, muscular woman clad in deep blood red metal plate, her swarthy skin covered in scares and furthering her unwelcoming aura as she scanned the paper.

I maintained my confident smile and languid posture, looking unbothered by the mean glare and intimidating presence of this deadly woman, her status as a Queen's Guard practically oozing off of her body.

"You may enter, Baroness."

Even her voice was scary, a deep rasp that shook your body with its power... so I quickly entered the hall, leaving her behind and making my way over towards the Duchess, who was standing beside the Princess and listening closely to the Elven woman.

"This lowly one wishes the Princess a joyous birthday! May Reincantra bless this beautiful day of celebration!"

Curtsying deeply to the golden haired, blue eyed Elf, I gave her the standard greeting for such an event when she finally paused her speech, the woman turning towards me with a happy smile that never reached her eyes.

"Ah, Baroness Liani, correct? Many thanks! Duchess Orelia, I've heard a lot about your ever devoted Baroness! You are truly blessed with immaculate followers..."

Her words were pointed and likely looped back to their earlier conversation, which made me sigh inwardly as I rolled my eyes, though my smile never left my lips as I maintained the curtsy, since I hadn't yet been properly dismissed from it.

It was a power play on her part, having me maintain this posture for longer than the norm; a show of her influence over the Nobles, making someone from an 'enemy' camp bow to her until she released them, all while their leader stood right there, unable to do anything besides watch.

"Yes, I am blessed, Princess Vilyan. As are you, since my blade is ever sworn to the Floral Throne, and all beneath my banner comprise my blade."

The still voice of Duchess Orelia filled the air, her piercing turquoise eyes likely making the Princess shiver as they locked onto her, the silent battle between them reaching a crescendo.

"As it should be, Duchess. Well then, you may rise, Baroness. Please, enjoy the festivities you two. Make merry in my name~?"

Standing back up, I almost shivered as I saw the wide grin on Princess Vilyan's face, her sociopathic nature shining through for a brief moment as she began another layer of her game, hoping to entangle us in a web of some sort before the day was over.

As she walked away, I breathed out a slight sigh of relief, watching as the tall, thin Elf left my sight and reentered the crowd, the pressure in the air finally receding somewhat.

Now though, I was 'alone' with Duchess Orelia, who was looking down at me with those impassive eyes.

Taller than me by a foot, the pale blue skinned futanari inspected my face for a moment as she stood there, though I noticed how her eyes strayed towards my cleavage for just a moment, making my heart leap and pound in tandem.

Muscles rippled beneath her sharp black tuxedo, whilst the golden piercings studding her lobe and helix shone in the sunlight, switching her Noble aura into a more unruly one; one that made her feel and look like a 'bad girl'.

In other words... so, so damn appealing.

"Baroness Liani, I believe I haven't yet thanked you for your help in securing that deal with the Knight Trania. You were of much use during that negotiation... as you were in locating the lost Blade of the Ocean, or the Orator's Stone for our close friend Joana."

I smiled at her, my heart beating quicker now for a different reason as the muscular Nereid stared at me closely, her sharp mind focusing entirely on me, the Princess long forgotten.

"It was a pleasure, my Duchess. It is only my duty; no thanks are needed. After all, I am sworn to serve the Orelia Family."

She remained silent, before giving me a curt nod and dismissing me as she said "Go, enjoy the festivities, Baroness Liani. Just... stay in eyesight. I wouldn't want to hear that you have been sullied..."

I gave her a grateful curtsy before departing from her presence, heading off towards the other Nobles sworn to the Orelia Family and mingling with them, accepting a drink and quietly listening to their news.

Thanks to our leaders unique personality, most of us were also 'unique', and all that was spoken about was using code so that we could converse about important topics even as others listened in; shipments being made, troop movements, monster spottings, treasures located... you name it, we discussed it, though I remained quiet and kept my knowledge to myself, having already contributed enough for now.

I prided myself on remaining just on the fringes of the group with some more basic, yet needed information gathering, acting as the 'base' of our movements and clearing the way for them to begin building something glorious for our Duchess.

They located the legendary artifacts and monsters for her to beat now after I had 'stumbled' upon the tomb that contained her family's lost blade, as well as the monster who had been using the Orator's Stone for the merchant that was quite wealthy...

As for the Knight, that was a personal 'quest' of mine, one completed outside of the folds of the Orelia Banner; not Knight Trania, but instead the former Knight Captain Uthcar, an impressive and deadly Orc who had been framed for murdering her fellow Knight Captain a year ago. 

On the run, she was searching for the real culprit, and I gave her that information in exchange for her loyalty, which she gave after the culprit had been brought to justice and she had been reinstated as Knight Captain.

I milled around and thought of my progress and the progress of our faction, mentally plotting out the course of the novel and tweaking it to the actions I had taken, making sure to adjust the timeline and such for my appearance, whilst also trying to anticipate what had happened thanks to my interference; who was doing what before or after schedule, was it important, did any new players arrive at the board..?

All of that floated around my mind as I drank and listened to the conversations at hand, until eventually the dance portion of the ball commenced.

Draining my glass, I accepted the hand of one of the many futa's in the group and began to dance, chatting with her about the Academy and ignoring how she stole glances at my breasts the entire time, the alcohol getting to her a bit.

Switching partners, I sighed as I repeated the same actions, my cheeks darkening somewhat as this partner briefly caressed my butt with a smirk, before giving me a spin and handing me off to another.

Thankfully the rest were normal, and I steered clear from those first two as I moved out of the dance circle, resting near the edge and sipping on a new glass of watered down wine to quench my thirst.

Keeping my eyes on the crowd, I caught sight of Duchess Orelia being handed a glass from a suspicious person, someone I hadn't expected to see just yet; one of the Princess' personal maids who was really an assassin, which made me traverse the ballroom to reach Duchess Orelia, checking on her as discreetly as I could to investigate what had happened.

Sadly, she had sipped the wine already, meaning whatever was potentially in that glass was in her system, so...

"Duchess, if I might be so bold, could we dance?"

Smiling at her, I withstood the weight of her turquoise gaze as she turned towards me, and after receiving a curt nod again I accepted her glass and put it down, beckoning a servant over and ordering them to keep them for us.

Moving onto the dance floor, I took her hand and began to move, my dress thankfully loose enough to allow me to keep up with her longer strides.

Studying her closely, I continued the slow, traditional dance with her before we made our way back to the side again, where she was promptly asked to dance by another hopeful from our group, who almost squealed in glee as the Duchess nodded.

Making my way back to the drinks, I leaned against the table and picked up the one meant for the Duchess, lifting it to my lips and taking a sniff before the servant reminded me that was the Duchess', making me 'blush' with embarrassment as I grabbed my own, stating my thirst made me grab the closest one.

I looked back out over the floor and frowned, the scent from her wine different from mine and making me go slightly crazy as I tried to place what it was, only for me to not be able to put my finger on it.

Continuing to watch the tall, pale skinned Duchess from afar, I sipped on my glass and enjoyed the comfort of the wine as it warmed my body, searching the crowd for... anything that would help me understand what was going on, and if there was a need for me to worry and act.

I wanted to stay out of the way, but if something happened to the Duchess, well, there was going to be a long, terrible road to walk, filled with far more danger than if I exposed myself a bit now...

The dance continued on, with more and more of the Duchess' followers taking turns to dance with the powerful woman that we all adored, and as time went on I wondered if the Duchess simply hadn't consumed enough of whatever it was to make a difference, before my eyes widened as I managed to place the scent, albeit loosely.

It was slightly sweet - almost sickly sweet, though it had a bitter undertone that contrasted the scent - and was faint enough that if you weren't searching for it, you wouldn't find it.

A perfect 'poison', it was a slow acting concoction that seeped into the affected person's mana streams and make them insanely aroused; in other words, an aphrodisiac.

My cheeks drained of any color as I stared at the Duchess, who was looking like the opposite of myself at the moment; her cheeks were a shade darker, and her eyes were hazy as she continued to admire the features of the woman she was dancing with.

Pushing myself off the table, I fixed my expression and stepped onto the dance floor, tapping the Duchess' shoulders and getting her to lean down as I whispered "Duchess, may I have a word? It's important..."

Her partner - a Baroness like myself - frowned at me, though as soon as I added "Something flew on in that I think would interest you..." the Baroness nodded, giving the Duchess a smile and a curtsy before relinquishing her to me.

Guiding the Duchess away, I returned to the table and looked at the Duchess with a complicated gaze, noting that her cheeks had continued to darken and that her eyes were very clearly lingering on my cleavage, making me blush as she pointedly ogled my body.

What made my blush deepen was the way her suit pants bulged slightly, confirming that the aphrodisiac was beginning to work its magic as she took a deep breath, still trying to tear her gaze away from my chest.

"D-Duchess, I think... I think we should go somewhere private..?"

Blinking a few times, she finally managed to look me in my eyes, and I saw those sharp turquoise orbs clear up for a moment as understanding dawned inside them, only for that sharpness to be blunted by lust, the Duchess licking her lips as she nodded.

My heart was racing, and I shivered as I realized just what the Princess was trying to do; she likely was going to push one of her followers to dance with the Duchess and tell them to get handsy with the intoxicated futanari, before leading her away and letting themselves be 'devoured'.

Then they would claim the Duchess raped them, forcing a union between them and herself so that if there was a child growing in their womb, the Duchess would have her heir... and would then find herself beneath the Princess' thumb.

It was nefarious and downright despicable, but... I couldn't let it happen.

And with how potent the aphrodisiac appeared to be, it would seem... that I would need to relieve the Duchess of her lust, which...

I was conflicted about.

For... obvious reasons.

However, I had little time to think as she grabbed my arm and hoarsely whispered "Come on, Baroness... We need to... go elsewhere, no?"

Nodding, I walked beside the Duchess and began to speak about nothing, keeping my voice steady as I spoke about the upcoming semester and our schedules, the conversation sounding important enough as she led me out of the hall and towards one of the many resting rooms, which were reserved for those that needed a break from the dancing and socializing for whatever reason that might be...

Usually they were used for 'powdering' your nose or enjoying the comfort of a cigar, though most used them for secret rendezvous with lovers that weren't their spouses, which meant that the rooms around us... were barely concealing the moans of the futa's and women enjoying themselves right now, making this situation even more apparent.

Duchess Orelia's gaze was heavy, and her hand was firmly wrapped around my arm, the woman guiding me into one such room before locking the door, her cheeks a darker blue now whilst her turquoise eyes were clouded over.

The scent of the ocean began to fill the room, tickling my nose and warming me up as I realized that the futa was firmly entrenched in her lust, especially since she was staring so blatantly at my breasts, her pants bulging even more and threatening to tear open.

Taking in a shaky breath, I stared at the Duchess in silence, the two of us remaining still as we looked at one another - I looked at her face, whilst she stared hard at my chest, licking her lips and resisting the urge to pounce.

"D-Duchess, w-would you... would you l-like for me t-to help you with that..?"

I gestured towards her pants, and the futa's cheeks darkened a little as she nodded, her hands fumbling with her belt as she stepped closer.

Her movements froze for a second as I lowered myself to my knees, hoping and praying that I could save most of our purities if I got her off once or twice... though I knew that was unlikely.

Especially when I felt the giant blue rod slap against my cheek as she undid her belt and slid her panties down, her penis far larger than my own, which... I was...

My mind muddled as Duchess Orelia grabbed my head, her thick cock rubbing against my cheek as she thrust slowly forwards, stroking her meaty rod on my face and bringing her neatly trimmed bush towards my nose, which smelt downright dangerous.

A heavenly musk of precum, a little sweat, and the sweet soap she had used tickled my nose, and I couldn't help but inhale that musk as she continued to rub herself on my face, those turquoise eyes that were normally so piercing now covered in a thick haze of lust as she marked my cheek with her cock.


Her eyes met mine, and she tilted her head before gasping softly as I kissed her shaft, my lips smacking against it firmly as she stood there.

Gulping, I appraised her mighty penis before trailing my lips from the root of her cock towards the tip, which was drooling a thick white droplet of precum that looked so, so appetizing.

"Baroness... Please, use those lips of yours... Kiss it, lick it..."

With her hand still on my head, the Duchess wiped a hair away from her eyes as she stared down at me intently, before placing them on either side of my head as she growled softly "Suck it... make me cum, please, Baroness... Suck my cock and make me cum."

The raspy voice that slipped from her lips made me shiver, my own cock throbbing between my legs whilst my pussy demanded attention, my lower lips drooling alongside the Duchess' cock as I imagined taking this thing deep inside me and letting her have my everything...

Instead of replying to her verbally, I just kissed her tip before opening my mouth, my mind going blank as I heard her moan above me with such fervor that I felt my cock twitch some more, my arousal spiking as she slid between my lips.

For the first time ever, a thick, burly penis was entering my mouth, and I was melting as its heat permeated my head, whilst the scorching nectar dripping from it only made me crave more, resulting in me taking it even deeper and sucking on it to extract more.

"Oh my..! B-By the heavens..! Like that, Baroness..! Baroness Liani!"

The Duchess moaned harder, and I shivered as I felt my cock twitch once more, spraying a thick load of my jizz inside my dress as I ejaculated just from sucking her cock, making my mind mirror hers as I descended into a haze of lust.

Hearing her mutter my name again, my cock throbbed and shot another thick rope of sperm into my dress, and I shivered as I sucked harder on her penis, wanting to hear those sweet, divine moans again.

However, when she reached my throat I gagged, forcing me to take her penis out of my mouth for a moment as I gasped for breath, but...

Grabbing me, Duchess Orelia just thrust her cock back into my mouth, seeking out pleasure no matter what and going into my throat, wrenching my jaws apart and submerging herself inside me without a care.

Choking me on her girth, Duchess Orelia moaned loudly inside the resting room, uncaring of myself, of anyone else, and only looking for her own pleasure as she raped my throat, using her strength to overpower me and slap her balls against my chin as she fucked my throat like a pussy.

Her thrusts were short and rabid, the blue skinned woman grunting as she used me without a care in the world, and while I was choking on her thick penis, with no hope of escape, I...


I came.

My penis shot out another thick load of my sperm as I ejaculated on myself for the second time, but what was most telling was the way my pussy lips trembled before I squirted, my fear, arousal, and lust working together to make me cum from both ends as I was 'raped' by the Duchess.

My dress was a mess, my mind just as disheveled, but all I could think about was not pushing her away, but instead... letting her continue, especially as her pubes tickled my nose as she held me close, those giant testicles pulsing against my chin.

I widened my eyes as a deluge of sperm was poured into my throat, and I shivered as my body 'changed' to accept what was happening, taking the woman's superior seed and giving it free entry to my stomach as she ejaculated inside my mouth, allowing me to drink it down without issue when moments before I had been gagging on it.

"Oh my..! Baroness! Liani! Oh Liani..!"

My heart leapt into my throat only to be sprayed with a thick, creamy load of semen as the Duchess moaned my name directly, doing something that was viewed as 'taboo' inside the Noble circles since we were unmarried and not to be wed to one another.

"Swallow it! Swallow my cum..!"

The normally composed and cold Duchess was being so forthright and vulgar at the moment, cumming herself into a stupor as she made me drink her magnificent load without pause, filling my stomach with her seed and grunting as she tried to relieve herself of her drugged state.

Sadly - or thankfully, for my own lustful state - she was far too intoxicated on both her ejaculation and the aphrodisiac to stop here, and when her balls had decided they were satiated for the time being, the Duchess finally, reluctantly pulled out of my mouth and slapped her giant cock on top of my face, smearing her cum on my brow, cheeks and mouth as she stared down at me with a relieved expression.

"By the Goddess, that was... that was excellent, Baroness, but... well..."

Looking down at me with dark cheeks - cheeks that were flushed not because of embarrassment, but because of list - Duchess Orelia let go of my head and reached down, lifting me up and guiding me towards the sofa as she muttered softly "I... require more attention, Baroness. Much, much more attention. Can you provide me your services once more..?"

I was still trying to swallow down her sticky semen, so when I felt her hands tug off my dress and reveal my bountiful bosom, I coughed and blushed harder, but I didn't resist as she slid her cock between them and grabbed my shoulders.

"You're such an appealing woman, Baroness... physically, your body is so soft and desirable. These fluffy mountains that you call your breasts, those shapely hips and wonderful rear... You are such a sought after woman, Baroness Liani..!"

The usually stoic Duchess was panting as she thrust her hips forwards, sliding her cock between my tits and fucking them hard and fast as she used my body for herself, moaning softly as I pressed them together for her, getting further aroused as her hips smacked against my hard nipples, rubbing them around and teasing them, which only made me hotter inside.

"Oh Goddess..! I'm so..! So..! I've never felt this hot! This..! This heated! Let me cum again, Liani! Please, relieve this heat from me!"

Pleading with me, the Duchess panted harder as she buried her monstrous member inside my cleavage, that blue 'dragon' poking out and 'roaring' at my face as it demanded more attention; attention that I gave it as I leaned down and started to suck on it once more, making her gasp.

"Just like that~! Make me cum! I need to cum! Make me cum Liani!"

Her words made my body shiver, each one acting like a piece of kindling that was thrown onto the flames of lust inside me, making me hornier and hornier as my deepest fantasies were beginning to play out.

"Oh Goddess I'm cumming again! I'm cumming! I'm cumming I'm cumming~!"

The desperation in her voice as she began to ejaculate again was driving me insane, and I greedily gulped down the sperm that flooded my mouth as she continued to pleasure herself with me, this version of the Duchess so different from normal that it made me question why I was turning into a puddle of my own cum and feelings.

"Drink it! Drink it all for me, Liani!"

Thrusting forwards still, she rested her testicles against my chest and sprayed her sperm into my throat again, before pulling away when she was finished.

With the second ejaculation gone, I blinked away my lust as best I could and appraised her, my face flushing as I realized that she was no where near finished as she panted above me, stroking that blue penis hard and continuing to stimulate herself, which made me bite my lip.

I... would hate myself for doing this, but hate myself for not doing it, but...

Standing up, I undid the ties of my corset and loosened it, before allowing the dress to fall to the floor, leaving me standing there naked and trembling with anticipation.

Cum leaked from my cock, white cream smearing its surface as I stared at the Duchess, who mirrored me as she threw off her suit and revealed her muscular body to me, stealing my breath away and affirming my carnal desire to do this.

Laying back on the couch, I presented my butt to the overly aroused woman and moaned "G-Go ahead, D-Duchess... u-use me a-as you please..."



She did.

Pouncing, she guided her cock into my cunt and pierced me, taking my virginity and finding my womb as she began to fuck me like a whore, thrusting forwards without a care for me as she ravished my womb with her might cock.

My cheeks were turned a deep red as she spanked me wildly, whilst my - thankfully - hymenless pussy was spread apart forcefully and shown the wonders of rough sex, my masturbation thankfully preparing me somewhat to being fucked like this...

Not really.

But, I was turned into a moaning mess that couldn't think straight as soon as I was injected once with her seed, the Duchess cumming inside me as soon as she could before beginning round two.

Then three.

Then twelve.

Then fourteen...

In total, this blue skinned Duchess orgasmed sixteen times with me, with fourteen of those shots being injected straight into my womb, which was bulging as it tried to contain her seed.

I lost my mind to lust, and I couldn't remember anything from my first time.

Neither could Duchess Orelia, who shook me awake and stared at me with glacial turquoise eyes as we came around from our slumber, completely naked and drenched with cum.

The knocking at the door startled me, and I felt my breath escape my lungs and my heart hammer itself into an unhealthily crescendo as I heard that, with the Duchess calmly - and stiffly, both in muscles and down there - getting up to say "Yes?"

"O-Oh! D-Duchess Orelia, the Princess has asked to see you soon? I-Is... Is that okay?"

Hearing the 'shaky' voice of a servant, I panicked before those turquoise eyes cut through my emotions again, the blue skinned woman staying silent for a few seconds before replying "Yes. Just give me a few minutes..."

Turning back towards me, she stepped forwards before asking - in a completely calm, yet dangerous voice - "Why are we naked together in a resting room, Baroness Liani?"

It was simple, and yet...

Gulping - and tasting her sperm on my tongue still, which made me blush - I pulled my dress over my body and covered myself, though that made the Duchess frown as if she was wondering why I would even bother.

"I... D-Duchess, d-do you not remember? W-Wait..! S-Spell! Quiet!"

Her eyes narrowed further, but she nodded and raised her hand, casting a spell that made it so no one could listen in before she asked "Why are we naked together, Baroness Liani? Why did we... Explain yourself. Now."

Shivering at the unspoken threat, I shivered and pulled the dress closer, before taking a deep breath and laying it all out to her; the poisoned chalice, the suspected poisoner, the plot... all of it.

Even... Even how her seed had contained that poison, transferring it to me and impairing my judgement, allowing me to make such a monumental decision that changed everything.

The Duchess listened closely and quietly, before she eventually let out a sigh and stepped closer, her face still as glacial as ever as she looked down at me, saying "Then... I guess this means I am to take responsibility for you, Baroness Liani. From today onwards, you and I are to be wed; I cannot besmirch the honor of a maiden like yourself and turn away, nor can I deny that you have done myself and my cause a service over and over again. Some memories are returning to me, slowly, from our... tryst. Things I said, things I felt. You are appealing, Baroness Liani. Very much so..."

Getting down onto a knee, she stared at me with that glacial look - her eyes just as frigid even if her words would suggest otherwise - and added "Would you become my wife, Baroness Liani? Not a concubine, but my wife. The first... and perhaps the only. We shall see. However, I say this both because I may have sowed my seed inside you, but also because I wouldn't mind a future with you."

My heart had never stopped pounding, and now, as I felt her cum trickling down my thighs and tasted it on my tongue, I blushed hard as I felt that this was rather romantic...

Or I was just crazy, since such a gorgeous, perfect woman was proposing to me and I had just lost my virginity in such a terrible way - not able to remember, and taken not because it was desired by us both, but because we were drugged.

However, I of course accepted, and upon taking her hand the Duchess lifted me up and placed her hands on my waist, pulling me close.

My dress fell to the floor again as she held me there, and she stared down in my eyes before leaning down and pressing her lips against mine, kissing me.

Surprised, I stood there blankly before kissing her back, entwining her tongue with mine before moaning as I felt her cock press against my stomach, which was bulging slightly from the sheer amount of cum stuffed into my womb.

I blushed at that, my new wife looking at it blankly before looking up at me, a question in her gaze that I answered in a way that she approved of as I dropped down and serviced her, making her cum again as I clumsily sucked on her penis, showing it a love that would hopefully make her desire me again.

And considering she had to tear herself away from me to stop us from descending into lust again, I was hopeful that she did that not because of the leftover aphrodisiac, but instead because she actually wanted to have sex with me.

Cleaning us up with mana - and cleaning the room as well - the Duchess got dressed before helping me get dressed as well, her hands expertly putting my clothes back where they needed to be before smoothing them out.

When we finished, she led us out of the resting room and back into the party, where the others stared at us suspiciously and with worry, which was evident for a myriad of reasons.

The Princess... was the one who was different, a sneer barely concealed on her face as she watched us approach her, as well as disappointment that her plan failed.

"Well Duchess, where might you have been? With the Baroness, no less? My servants reported you both snuck into one of the resting rooms together... Did you... enjoy that 'rest'? Is there something that you wish to announce to the Nobility, hm?"

Taking a deep breath, the Duchess did something only the Duchess could as she nodded, looking around the ballroom as she said "After a long discussion with Baroness Liani, I have decided to take her as my wife. There has been a lot of events happening behind the scenes that have drawn us closer, and eventually... I decided to court her, and have come to the decision that this brilliant, beautiful woman is someone I would want to be by my side from now till death does us part."

Silence reigned the ballroom as she took my hand in hers and leaned down towards me, lifting my chin up and kissing me on the lips to seal the deal, eliciting some gasps and sobs from the assembled Nobility.

The Princess stared at her in shock, not knowing how to respond, which allowed the Duchess to smoothly extract us from this situation as she said "Well, if you'll excuse us, Princess, I need to further discuss our future and the upcoming wedding with my soon to be wife. It was a pleasant ball, your Highness. Blessings be upon you."

I mirrored the Duchess as I robotically said the same thing, giving her a deep curtsy before following behind the Duchess as she led me out of the ballroom and towards her Manor on the Academy's property.

We were silent the entire time, but when we reached the house she sat me down and began to talk to me, learning some more about me and collaborating a story together that would make sense; we needed to forge letters, pay off messengers, create fake events with the other followers...

So much to do, and yet during that the Duchess never seemed annoyed or irritated with me, even when I was flustered as she moved on from that to the wedding, and the eventual baby shower.

I may not be pregnant right now, but the message was clear; I was going to be impregnated soon, so that I could fulfill one of the important roles as the Madam of her Dukedom in the future in providing her an heir.

Maybe not this year, maybe not the next, but her parents were older and slowly reaching that age where retirement was on their mind, so she wanted to make sure she did everything right to take over for them in a few years time.

Our chats lasted a long time, with the sun going down and the moons rising slowly into the sky, signaling midnight alongside the chimes of her clocks, which made the blue skinned Duchess get up and stretch out her bunched up muscles.

Reaching out for me, she took a deep breath and said "Well, shall we?"

I stared at her hand blankly, making her raise a brow at me as she added "Retire for the night, Liani."

Her use of my name only made me shiver, which caused her hand to twitch as she stared at me intently, only for her lips to curl up slightly in a smile as I nodded, taking her hand and standing up with her.

"Y-Yes we should, O-Orelia..."

Bringing my hand to her lips, she kissed the back of my palm as she whispered "I think you shall grow on me easily, Liani... in many ways."

What followed was... better than before.

Taking me to bed, Duchess Orelia whispered "Now that we are to be wed, my sweet, I must treat you right..." as she began to undress me gently, taking my dress from me and revealing my naked body to her once more, which I tried to cover as I shyly stood in front of her.

"Now now... please, my sweet, let me feast my eyes upon your beauty, hm?"

Gently moving my arms, the Duchess looked me over and nodded, before she undressed herself and pulled me onto the bed, holding me close as she pressed her lips against mine, entwining out tongues together and embracing me, which involved us frotting as her larger, superior penis dwarfed my own, whilst my breasts squished against her chest, our bodies melding together as we laid side by side.

Kissing me firmly, Orelia began to lift my testicles and guide herself inside me, her cum from before still inside my womb, but it was going to be replaced as she took me again, this time thrusting slowly and controllably inside me, filling me with her girth.

Our true first night was one of comfortable bliss, and I accepted it with open arms and spread legs as we made love together, for the first time of many, many moons.

When we awakened, we got to work, setting up our fake courting and moving my things from my room into hers, and it was then that I learned of how insatiable my wife was to be.

As I was filling the closet with my dresses and corsets, she watched me from the door, curious at the various articles of clothing that I was hanging up, but...

"I wish to see you in that emerald gown. And that black lace corset. In fact... let us head out tomorrow and pick up some new clothes; no, let me have a seamstress visit and place some custom orders. Do you have any jewelry to go with these dresses?"

I turned and stared at her blankly, before shaking my head, which made her nod as she added "Then I shall have a jeweler visit tomorrow as well. However... do you think I could trouble you to showcase that emerald gown and black corset for me, Liani? I think it would match your complexion quite well..."

Looking back towards the racks, I picked out the clothes she suggested and nodded, blushing hard as I said "W-Well, I shall change into them... g-give me a moment, please..."

"Go ahead. In fact, I shall help you."

Instead of leaving me alone like I alluded to, she stepped forwards and began to undress me, before staring at me with a small, almost impossible to see smile as she noted the erection I was sporting.

"Actually... do you mind, Liani?"

My name made my knees weak, and I just shook my head and spun around for her, accepting her cock as she shed off her own clothes and began to take me in the closet, a quick three rounds ending with a messy floor and a womb full of cum as we made love suddenly.

Then, at dinner, my new wife sat down beside me and ordered the servants out, lifting her fork and feeding me from her plate, watching me closely and enjoying herself immensely as she continued to 'embarrass' me, before pulling me onto her lap and feeding me some more... and then 'feeding' me her cum as she pushed me onto the table and made love to me there too.

At night, we fell onto bed and made love again, the Duchess showing me how virile her cock was as she sated her high libido over and over again, finding my weaknesses and using them to fuck me even better than before.

Twisting my nipples, spanking me, nibbling on my ear, whispering my name seductively... Duchess Orelia found my weaknesses and exploited them to make me horny too, allowing her free reign to my body as she drained multiple years of pent up lust into my womb, doing her best to enjoy my body whenever, wherever, and however she pleased.

Like that, days turned to weeks, then to months as we lived together and continued to work together, preparing for the hardships to come; hardships that would eventually come to try our sudden marriage, hardships that would almost end our lives, but... we prevailed.

From suddenly thrust together to inseparable, we proved that we were able to overcome everything, but for now...

For now, I was an embarrassed, shy mess that twitched and came beneath my mighty wife as she fucked me repeatedly, doing her best to impregnate me as we prepared for our wedding and eventual rise to the true Duchess and Madam of the family, while on the outside we worked together to create a better future for the Queendom and our people.


8.5k words, and like the total suggests, eventually this will have a part 2, like the way the Sleepovers worked, or how Rising Star will eventually get a sequel; I got this to this point so that I can start 'fresh' with a timeskip and all that, and I found that I rather liked this setting and characters.

Another one that could do well as its own story, properly paced out and fleshed out to be a real story instead of just smut; maybe one day, when I want to have another ~100 chapter book out, this will get that shot lol.

Until then though, this is where it is, and its going to eventually have a sequel inside Futa Diaries~!



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