36 Training Results & Cultivation Techniques

* After 1 month *

Xiao Tian and the others have been working hard for the whole month without wasting any time.

Yang Xiao was the most impressive after Xiao Tian and Yun Yun, he broke through rank 10 soul power on the 15th day and joined Xiao Tian and Yun Yun in their physical training.

Wu KongXuan was the next, he broke through rank 10 soul power on the 18th day and followed after Yang Xiao in physical training.

The Murong sisters not to be left behind, broke through together on the 21st day and followed after Wu KongXuan in physical training.

Li Feng broke through rank 10 soul power on the 22nd day and followed after the Murong sisters in physical training.

Lu Yang broke through rank 10 soul power on the 27th day and followed after Li Feng in physical training.

Just today morning, Hu Xiaomeng had broken through rank 10 soul power.

It has to be known that it's difficult for auxiliary system soul master's to cultivate at the speed of beast and tool system soul master's.


" Hmmm... I'm very satisfied with your results after a month of training. Now let me check your physical strength to calculate the age of soul ring you can absorb.".. said Wu Hao with a satisfied smile.

Everyone punched Wu Hao's palm with their full strength one by one. The results were as follows:

Xiao Tian - 2500-2800 years old soul ring

Yun Yun - 450-500 years old soul ring

Yang Xiao - 400-450 years old soul ring

Wu KongXuan - 350-420 years old soul ring

Murong Qing'er - 350-400 years old soul ring

Murong Wan'er - 350-400 years old soul ring

Li Feng - 350-400 years old soul ring

Lu Yang - 300-350 years old soul ring

Hu Xiaomeng - 280-320 years old soul ring

" All right, everyone can go back and prepare for the soul ring hunt. We'll be leaving tomorrow morning sharp at 5 in the morning. Meet us in front of the hall of awakening on time.".. said Chen Feng with a soft smile.

Xiao Tian and the others saluted to the four guardians and bade farewell to them before going back to the manor.

During this time Xiao Tian had become the big brother of Genius Class after everyone understood his monsterosity. No one had any objections, as they had all formed a group of 8 including Yun Yun to fight Xiao Tian. Yet, they were met with devastating defeat.

Xiao Tian didn't get any fusion points from them as they didn't have a soul ring yet.

" Big brother, how about we have dinner in the TianHai Restaurant to celebrate our month of hardwork?".. asked the Murong sisters with a pleading expression.

The other members also quickly nodded their heads at the sister's request.

Xiao Tian chuckled at their antics and laughed out loud.

" Don't worry, I'll be hosting a party in the TianHai Restaurant today to celebrate our month of hardwork. Everyone doesn't have to hold back and eat till their hearts content.".. said Xiao Tian with a happy smile.

The realtion between the 9 was very good and were almost like blood brothers and sisters. Xiao Tian also taught them the Spirit Devouring technique and told them that it was a family inheritance.

Everyone was grateful for Xiao Tian's kindness and swore in their hearts to be of help whenever their big brother needed them

" Ok..now let's go and pack out stuff so that we can be prepared for tomorrow before leaving for the city.".. said Xiao Tian while walking towards the manor with the others.


Once Xiao Tian was in his room, he quickly packed all the necessities for the soul ring hunt and called out to the system.

" System, show me Cultivation Techniques between 30,000 - 10,000 fusion points which are suitable for me.".. said Xiao Tian with an excited expression, looking forward to getting a new technique.

[ ding... opening shop... showing cultivation techniques suitable for the host between 30,000 - 20,000 points... ]


Body Metamorphose Scripture - 30,000 fusion points

Kun Peng Technique - 28,000

Dragon Blood Transformation Technique - 25,000 fusion points

Dragon Elephant Body Refining Technique - 23,000 fusion points

Golden Sun Scripture - 20,000 fusion points


" System, show me their descriptions.".. said Xiao Tian with a curious face.

Soon a cyan panel was in front of him.

[ Body Metamorphose Scripture - The Body Metamorphose Scripture is a powerful cultivation technique from the Shaolin Temple. It allows the user to cultivate vigorous soul power and develop the body's potential.

There are 12 stages to this technique. Cultivating to the 10th stage is equivalent to Quasi-God and the 11th stage is comparable to the 3rd class god. Cultivating to the 12th stage allows the user to form a soul power core which has inexhaustible pure soul power and generates a soul fire that can burn a 2nd class God's body to ashes. At the peak of 12th satge one is equal to a half step God-King. ]

[ Kun Peng Technique - The technique includes a complete collection of techniques imitating the Divine Kun and the Golden-Winged Great Peng. It also includes the use of a unique absorption field that can render attacks ineffective and absorb their energy. It also allows him to use the forces of both yin and yang when cultivated to the peak.

If the power of attack exceeds the users absorption capacity then the user will be counterattacked. Cultivating to the peak can allow the user to achieve a 1st class God. The technique has no stages, it's strength increases with the user's addition to each soul ring. Can only be cultivated till 1st class God and then the technique will reach it's limit. ]

[ Dragon Blood Transformation Technique - Use the blood of dragons to refine the body of a True Dragon. Requires the usage of lot of dragon blood to transform one's body. Cultivating to the peak can condense the True Dragon Body of a suitable attribute. The cultivation is barely comparable to a 1st Class God. ]

[ Dragon Elephant Body Refining Technique - Made from imitating the Divine Elephant with the Bragon Blood which carries planets on its back. Cultivating to the peak allows the user to fight a 2nd Class God with his body.

Requires a lot of Dragon Elephant Blood Essence and many spiritual herbs to cast the body of dragon elephant. ]

[ Golden Sun Scripture - Absorb the flaming energy from the sun to nourish the body and soul power with the blazing energy to make the soul power have the attribute of sun fire. Makes the body immune to fire.

Requires the usage of countless yang herbs to complement the absorption of solar energy and prevent the body from evaporation.

Cultivating to the peak is comparable to a 2nd Class God. ]

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