7 Soul Condensing Lotus

" Now, let's check the Spirit Refining Lotus. ".. said Xiao Tian while focusing on the lotuses in the inventory.

[ Spirit Refining Lotus 10 year old : A normal lotus that mutated and became a soul beast after soaking in a pond full of soul power. Slightly increases the soul power of the consumer. Soul rings can be harvested from it, but it's abilities are very trash.

It is best to consume it orally and below rank 10 soul power. ]

" Hm, that's pretty much useless for me since I'm innately full.".. thought Xiao Tian disappointedly.

He was almost about to ignore it, but, he suddenly had a thought.

" Why not fuse the lotuses and see, if it'll have any wonderous results.".. thought Xiao Tian and called out to the system.

" System, fuse the Spirit Refining Lotus in the inventory.".. said Xiao Tian full of expectation for the fusion results.

[ ding... fusing 10 year old Spirit Refining Lotus X 10... ]

[ ding... congratulations to the host for getting a 100 year old 'Spirit Condensing Lotus'... ]

Xiao Tian was already expecting for the age to increase, but the new 'Spirit Condensing Lotus' caught him by surprise.

He focused his attention on the Spirit Condensing Lotus and soon after a cyan panel appeared in front of him.

[ Spirit Condensing Lotus 100 years old : A rare lotus born in 1 out of 100 Spirit Refining Lotuses. It's main function is to compress and purify the soul power of any impurities and stabilizes vain foundation.

It is best taken by soul masters below rank 30 as its effects are almost close to none when taken above rank 30.

Can be ingested orally but, has a gentle and quick effect if made into a paste and put in a tub of hot water. Cultivating in the hot water tub will have a pleasant feeling and quick effect. ]

" Woah, this can be used immediately to strengthen and purify the soul power foundation.".. Xiao Tian thought excitedly as he knew that refining the Spirit Condensing Lotus will help him do cross level battles in the future.

Xiao Tian immediately took the lotus in in hand from the inventory and carefully observed it.

It had a body diameter of 10 cm and had a total of 11 petals. 6 of the largest petals at the base connected to the stem and 5 small petals on the top. It was icy blue in color, similar to Xiao Tian's hair color which he inherited from his mother.

( For those curious souls, Xiao Tian will look exactly similar to this book's cover, except for the clothes. Adios )

Xiao Tian slowly and carefully made his way to his mother's room, and saw that she was very focused on reading a very thick and old book which probably had a thousand pages.

Xiao Tian went to the kitchen and warmed up a bucket of water and took it to the bathroom.

He filled a small tub with the hot water, which was enough to accommodate Xiao Tian's small body which was around 80 cm tall.

Xiao Tian was quite strong even when compared to ordinary teenagers, as he had been eating his mothers medicated diet for quite some time.

He quickly went back to the kitchen and crushed the Spirit Condensing Lotus to paste and came back to the bathroom.

He carefully mixed the paste into the hot water tub and washed the utensils used to crush the Spirit Condensing Lotus.

After keeping the utensils back in the kitchen, he rushed back to the bathroom and started undressing.

After he was bare naked, he carefully made his way into the tub and sat in a lotus position.

" Ahn, It's quite the funny feeling soaking in the medicated liquid. Nevertheless, it's quite comfortable.".. said Xiao Tian while leaking a small moan of comfort.

He quickly operated his Spirit Swallowing Technique and started absorbing the purifying energy in the water.

Slowly, his innate soul power level started to fall from rank 10.. rank 9.. rank 8..

After an hour the soul power level finally stopped falling as the water had already been plundered of all the purifying energy.

Currently his soul power was of rank 3, but, he felt stronger and better than before.

His body was looking slightly fairer and more moisturized than before. Even some of his fat had gone and he looked a little slimmer.

" Although my soul power rank fell down to 3, but my foundation became stronger and my soul power became more flexible and condensed.".. said Xiao Tian full of excitement.

If his soul power before was like air, now it has become so condensed that, it has already started condensing drops of soul power.

After some time of cultivation, all his soul power will become condensed and become like water.

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