14 Seven Star Steps

" Brother Xiao Tian, I didn't expect you to be so strong, now I'm getting serious.".. said Tang San after being unable to suppress Xiao Tian.

Tang San as a genius disciple of the 'Tang Sect', hidden weapons are what he's best at.

Unfortunately, Tang San is only 3 years old and doesn't have any hidden weapons with him. He can only use the martial arts of the Mysterious Heaven Technique.

Tang San picked up six rocks, with 3 rocks between the four fingers of each hand and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

" Brother Xiao Tian, be careful.",.. said Tang San before attacking Xiao Tian.

Tang San immediately displayed 'Ghost Shadow Steps' and circled around Xiao Tian.

He launched all the stones between his fingers at Xiao Tian from different directions with the help of 'Purple Demon Eye'.

The rocks were aimed at Xiao Tian's chest, wrists and behind the knees.

Xiao Tian skillfully maneuvered his body and dodged all 5 of the stones.

' Wait, didn't Xiao San have 6 rocks?'.. thought Xiao Tian, before realizing his carelessness.

' Shit.'.. thought Xiao Tian

It was precisely the moment Xiao Tian realized his mistake, that a stone came blasting towards his forehead with double the speed.

' Hehe.. I won.'.. thought Tang San, as he successfully deceived Xiao Tian and launched the remaining stone with his remaining internal force.

Xiao Tian's body subconsciously sensed the danger and moved his right arm at a frightening speed catching the stone right before his forehead with a hairs breadth.

Xiao Tian at this moment was sweating bullets as he imagined the consequence of his carelessness.

Tang San dropped to the ground after he emptied his internal force after launching the last attack.

Although the last attack was very fast, Tang San threw a soft mud rock so it wouldn't cause much harm. At most, Xiao Tian will have a swollen forehead for a few days.

Tang San was a very loyal and honest person, he wouldn't try to injure his friends and family.

Xiao Tian was also relieved, when his saw the mud rock crumble between his fingers due to pressure.

" Brother Xiao Tian, I lost.".. said Tang San depressingly.

" Ha ha.. Xiao San, there'll always be wins and loses in a fight. Don't let it hit you and learn from your mistakes.".. said Xiao Tian while touching his non existent beard.

" Thank you brother Xiao Tian.".. said Tang San sincerely after listening to Xiao Tian's words.

" Well, Xiao San, we won't be able to meet each other for quite some time from tomorrow as I'll be out of town with my parents." Said Xiao Tian while walking down the hill back to his house.

Tang San nodded his head and bid farewell to Xiao Tian.

Right after Tang San admitted defeat, there was a cyan panel in front of Xiao Tian.

[ ding... host defeated Tang San... get 100 fusion points... ]

[ ding... total fusion points is 150... ]

Xiao Tian happily walked back to his house.

He immediately rushed to the bathroom to cleanse himself and then changed into a fresh set of clothes.

' System, show me movement techniques suitable for me under 100 fusion points.'.. thought Xiao Tian in his mind.

[ ding... showing movement techniques suitable for the host under 100 fusion points... ]

( Note - The below techniques can only be used till soul power rank 40 )


Seven Star Steps - 100 fusion points

Swift Wind Steps - 90 fusion points

Meteoric Steps - 80 fusion points

Illusionary Steps - 75 fusion points

Shadow Steps - 70 fusion points

Wind Riding Technique - 50 fusion points


" System, give me information of all the techniques shown.".. said Xiao Tian while laying on the bed.

[ Seven Star Steps - Open Seven acupoints in both legs as per the technique, and fill the acupoints with soul power. Using this technique increases the speed of the user by 250% and can run at a constant speed at any angle until the soul power runs out. Connecting the 7 acupoints in the pattern of Big Dipper increases the speed by an additional 50%. Note that connecting the acupoints is a secret technique and burns the stored soil power in the acupoints 4 times faster.

The acupoints opened by the techniques have a self recovery ability. Cultivating to the peak your increases your leg strength permanently. ]

[ Swift Wind Steps - Can increase the speed by 200% and hides the fluctuations in air caused by movement. Also makes the body lighter when using the technique, allowing the user to make long volleys and jumps. Soul Power consumption is very fast and not good for long term use.

Long term cultivation makes the user sensitive to the fluctuations of wind. ]

[ Meteoric Steps - Increases the speed by 300%. Soul power consumption is very fast as it literally burns soul power in return for the fast speed. Can only run at fast speeds in one direction. Good for running away from enemies but, not good in fights.

Long term use increases the unidirectional running speed ]

[ Illusionary Steps - A technique that soul power and mental power to create fake footprints to confuse the enemy. Only useful in areas with lots of trees and obstructions. Also, the technique is only effective if used when the enemy is not paying attention to the user. Once the technique is successfully deployed, the enemy can't find the real steps unless they are a 'Soul King'.

Long term cultivation in this techniques makes the legs soft enough, not to leave footsteps on the ground. ]

[ Shadow Steps - Only useful at night or in dark places. At night, increases the speed of the user by 200% and hides the user's breath. The opponent can only find the users breath, when he makes an attack.

Mastering the technique reduces the users presence and reduces the sound of running and walking. ]

[ Wind Riding Technique - A technique useful for upward climbing. It create small wings at the side of the users foot and makes it possible to do short term gliding in the air. Needs precise control over soul power or else the soul power will quickly be used.

Has no special effects after mastering the technique, but it does make it possible for the soul masters without the ability to fly to do some short term air walk. ]

' It's pretty much obvious what technique to choose. System, buy and transmit Seven Star Steps.'.. said Xiao Tian with a calm face.

[ ding... purchasing Seven Star Steps... ding... successfully purchased Seven Star Steps... ]

[ ding... transmitting the Seven Star Steps to the host's brain... ding... transmission successful... ]

[ ding... total fusion points is 50... ]

Xiao Tian opened his eyes after a few minutes after the transmission was completed.

He was very satisfied with the Seven Star Steps.

Xiao Tian didn't have to worry about the 'four times soul power burning' draw back of connecting the seven acupoints, as Xiao Tian could recover his soul power quickly because of the Spirit Swallowing Technique and the soul power stored in his pores could work as soul power reserves. Also, the quality of his soul power was very high.

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