15 Cute Loli Yun Yun

( Changed Ling Shui's daughters name from 'Han Yue' to 'Yun Yun'. )

At dinner, Xiao Hai and Tian Shui were discussing about tomorrow's events.

Afterall, Ming Yue and Ling Shui were coming tomorrow.

Xiao Hai and Tian Shui were excited to get their 5th soul ring. Who doesn't want to become stronger in a cultivation world, unless they have a brain disease.

During the dinner Xiao Tian kept quiet and listened to their talks.

" Hm.. we can have Tian'er accompany little Yun Yun, so that she doesn't get bored. They're of the same age so they'll get along well.".. said Tian Shui full of naked excitement.

Xiao Tian felt cold all over his body for some reason. When he raised his head and looked at his parents, they had a knowing smile on their face.

Xiao Tian decided to ignore the matter and focus on the important matters first.

" Mom, who's Yun Yun?".. asked Xiao Tian with a confused expression on his face.

Xiao Tian being a young body adult soul could already kind of guess the relation between this girl Yun Yun and his aunts.

He just wasn't sure who's fruit of hard work she is, so he asked the question to Tian Shui.

" Oh.. look at me, I forgot to mention the little Yun Yun is the daughter of your aunt Ling Shui's 'only daughter'.".. replied Tian Shui to Xiao Tian's question while highlighting the words 'only daughter'.

" Son, be mindful of your words when you're around little Yun Yun. Her father died while hunting soul beast before she was born.".. said Xiao Hai in a serious tone.

Xiao Tian quickly nodded his head at his fathers words with an equally serious expression on his face.

The couple looking at their son's serious look gave a soft laugh and were happy that their son was already a sensible person at his age.

Xiao Tian felt pity for Yun Yun and decided to treat her like his own sister and spoil her till his heart is content.

They quickly finished their dinner and went back to their rooms to sleep. The couple wanted to clean and decorate the house to make it look inviting for the soon to come guests.

Xiao Hai was going to pick them up at the village gate, while Tian Shui was going to prepare a medicated breakfast.

Xiao Tian decided to open as many acupoints possible in his legs according to the Seven Star Steps Technique.

Opening the acupoints was very energy consuming and dangerous. If you are not careful when opening the acupoints, the slightest of mistake can destroy the acupoints and cripple your leg forever.

The reason why Xiao Tian was confident is safely opening his acupoints was because of his micro control over his body and soul power.

Xiao Tian sat cross legged on his bed and started to circulate the soul power in his body through the meridian route described in the technique.

The soul power in his body started to move in his meridians as described in the Seven Star Steps Technique.

Once, the soul power reached the toe of his right leg, he started to rotate the soul power to make a drill and started impacting the first acupoint.

Xiao Tian slowly and steadily removed the impurities blocking the acupoints. After half an hour of drilling, he finally heard a 'click' sound in his mind.

Xiao Tian, knew that he had successfully opened the first acupoint and quickly started filling the acupoint with soul power.

After 10 minutes the acupoints was stabilized and Xiao Tian felt he could increase the speed of his right leg.

With the experience from the right leg, Xiao Tian continued to open the first acupoint in the toe of left leg. This time, it only took him 15 minutes and 5 more minutes to stabilize it.

He felt his speed increase by a little more than 15%

Xiao Tian used the soul power stored in his pores to recover his used soul power. Anyway, the pores will fill back again when he cultivates.

Xiao Tian got up and lay on his bed to sleep. He was excited to meet Yun Yun tomorrow.

He quickly lay asleep after closing his eyes.

Early in the morning, Xiao Tian could be seen practicing his spear arts in the backyard with his Heavy Earth Spear. Today he was able to persevere for 22 minutes before collapsing on the ground. It was 2 minutes more than yesterday.

Xiao Tian quickly started operating his cultivation technique while sitting cross legged in an inconspicuous corner. He cultivated for an hour before he stopped operating his cultivation technique.

His soul power increased by 5% and slightly strengthened his physique. He also filled back the emptied pores in his body with soul power after yesterday night's consumption.

' Within 2 weeks or so, I'll break through rank 6 soul power.'.. thought Xiao Tian while making his way to his room with the Heavy Earth Spear in his hands.

As usual, he kept the Heavy Earth spear below his bed and proceeded to make his way towards the bathroom to take a bath.

He took a bath and changed into new clothes, as today he'll meet his two aunts and self assumed little sister Yun Yun.

Xiao Tian white shirt with ice blue designs on the edges looking very handsome. He wore a slim white pant with gold borders and designs at the edge. He let his silky and shiny long hair fall below his shoulder. His hair was a mix of white and ice blue. Ice blue, like that of the book cover.

Xiao Tian sat on his study table to read some books on Soul Beasts, till his aunts came.

Tian Shui had already prepared everything necessary for the medicated diet, all she needed was 15 mins to prepare and set the table. She was dressed beautifully in a cherry pink sleeveless dress with some simple yet beautiful jewelries.

Xiao Hai had already left for the village gate to pick up Ming Yue, Ling Shui and little Yun Yun. He was dressed in a neat white shirt and pant with golden designs on it.

Xiao Hai didn't have any beard of moustache, he looked like your typical Korean idols but with a manly charisma.


By the time it was almost time for breakfast, Xiao Hai entered the manor laughing and talking with two beautiful ladies no less beautiful than Tian Shui. There was also a cute little Lolli who held one of the ladies hands and looked around like a curious kitten.

Listening to the voice, Xiao Tian and Tian Shui rushed to the hall room to welcome the guests.

Tian Shui rushed towards the two ladies and hugged them tightly.

" Big sis Yue, Big sis Shui, I missed you soo much. It's good to see you again.".. said Tian Shui with a face full of excitement and happiness.

The three ladies hugged each other in a warm hug talking and laughing softly.

The two Xiao's and little Yun Yun were dazzled by the beautiful scene in front of them.

After a few minutes, the ladies stopped hugging and sat on the sofa.

Tian Shui finally noticed little Yun Yun and softly rubbed her head with her hands.

" Wow.. such a cute girl. Big sis Shui, you have such a cute daughter that I want to steal it from you.".. said Tian Shui while squatting down to hug the cute animal.

" Hello, aunt Shui.".. said little Yun Yun with a cute voice that made Tian Shui adore her more and more.

" Hello, little Yun'er. Come, auntie will give you delicious fruits and sweets to eat.".. said Tian Shui while taking little Yun Yun to the kitchen.

Xiao Tian was dazed by little Yun Yun's cute and beautiful appearance. He had no lustful thoughts, he only had sincere appreciation for her.

His dazedness and appreciation for little Yun Yun fell in the eyes of Ming Yue and Ling Shui. They gave a small smile, looking at his honest and sincere eyes.

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