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Full of Memories


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"Farewell grandchildren, just stay here ah we will still play." lolo bobby said. good to hear happy words but also the most painful words in the world, because we know that this is the last second and day we will be with Him. "You all whispered to your grandfather." mama and grandma said to us, whispering one last wish and saying goodbye to him. My eldest brother whispered first. while my eldest brother whispered and my grandfather nodded as he listened. and then my fifth older brother followed, waited for the others to finish and when my mother touched me to whisper to my grandfather, I immediately approached. "Rest, go ahead and take care of us all." while im sobbing. "don't leave us you are stay always here with us to guide us." he nodded as he listened to me as he nodded to my earlier siblings who whispered to him. "go and rest bye we! all your grandchildren, love you so much." Then I kissed my grandfather's cheek and continued to cry.


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