Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback

After failing her tribulation, Ye Leng'an returned to the first world. In her previous life, she was the fake daughter everyone in the Ye family hated. With the real daughter around, she seemed even more worthless in comparison. Meanwhile, the real daughter was adored by everyone. Ultimately, Ye Leng'an was tortured and killed by the real daughter's admirers. She suffered a terrible end. After she died, her soul transmigrated into the cultivation realm. Thanks to her hard work, she cultivated until the tribulation period, and she was only one step away from ascending as an immortal. However, during her tribulation, she failed because of her inner demons from her time in the first world. In this lifetime, she returned with all her glory. She was no longer a loser. Hehe. Now that she had reincarnated, she wanted to regain the honor that once belonged to her. Anyone who stood in her way would be annihilated. Was the real daughter a medical genius who had the potential to become a miracle doctor? Apologies, but Ye Leng'an was the real deal who could bring the dead back to life. She had spiritual pills that countless bigshots would kill for! Was the real daughter a computer genius who could easily access any part of the internet? Apologies, but Ye Leng'an was the one who invented the internet. She was like God, who could control who lived or died in it. Ye Leng'an reincarnated in the world of cultivation and took the world by storm. While countless bigshots found themselves falling head over heels in love with her, a mysterious man who had secretly had a powerful background directly pulled her into his arms. "You belong to me, Honey," he announced. Ye Leng'an helplessly rolled her eyes. "This guy really does get jealous easily!"

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Qian Tong began to mark Ye Leng'an's test papers. As time passed, the seriousness on his face was replaced by excitement.

Zheng Anyang didn't pressure Qian Tong for results, but when he saw the excitement on Qian Tong's face, he was lost in thoughtful silence.

On the contrary, Ye Leng'an sat there quietly, waiting for the results. She appeared very calm as if she had nothing to do with the test.

After about half an hour, Qian Tong came up to Zheng Anyang with the papers, his face glowing with excitement. "Principal, look at them…"

"Looks like she passed!" Zheng Anyang was still very composed. "So…"

"No, no!" Qian Tong interrupted Zheng Anyang, "Principal, take a look at the test papers. Full marks, full marks on all of them."

In the end, he could not help but raise his voice a few degrees, which showed how excited he was at the moment.

"What?!" Zheng Anyang stood up abruptly. The chair suddenly shifted, making a sharp screech.

However, he had no time to care about that. He directly snatched the papers from Qian Tong's hands. The more he looked at them, the more shocked he became. Just as Qian Tong had said, all her answers were correct. Also, when she did the math paper, she probably used a few mathematics formulas that could only be learned in university to skip the steps. Most importantly, the last question of this month's exam was set by the Dean of the Mathematics Department of Capital University. There were only a handful of people in the entire city who could solve it. But now, Ye Leng'an worked it out.

Judging only from the math paper, one could tell that Ye Leng'an was definitely not in the league of high school students.

"Principal Zheng, Ye Leng'an is good enough to take the college entrance examination now." Qian Tong's eyes lit up, "I think such a good student shouldn't continue to waste time being a freshman. She can directly be a senior."

He had never thought that a freshman had so much great potential. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that even if Ye Leng'an took the college entrance examination this year, she would definitely be able to get into a first-class university.

"So, Ye Leng'an…" Zheng Anyang took a glimpse at Ye Leng'an.

Obviously, he was very excited at the moment. Although Sheng'an High School was an exclusive school, it also paid great attention to the quality of teaching and the performance of its students. Moreover, in order to increase the enrollment rate, the school had many specially recruited students every year. However, even so, Sheng'an High School was still inferior to Capital No. 1 High School.

Every year during the college entrance examination, Capital No.1 High School would surpass Sheng'an High School. Moreover, the city's top scorer was never from Sheng'an High School during all these years.

However, after seeing Ye Leng'an's marks, he thought she had a great chance of being the top scorer.

"Principal Zheng, I have no intention of skipping a grade." Ye Leng'an shook her head. "I just hope that I can take leave at any time."

She just wanted to live as she pleased if she could start over. She didn't plan to skip a grade now, but she was not sure if she would in the future.

Of course, she didn't plan to tell them that.

"All right then! Since you have already decided, I won't say anything else." Although Zheng Anyang felt a little wistful, he still respected Ye Leng'an's decision. "Although you can take leave at any time, you have to participate in the monthly exams. Also, besides what you promised before, if it is a city-wide monthly exam, you must also guarantee that you will be in the top three in the city. If you can't make it even once, you have to go to school timely like others."

The latter condition could be said to be harsh. However, he had a strong feeling that Ye Leng'an would agree.

Just as he expected, after he finished speaking, Ye Leng'an immediately nodded. "All right, it's a deal. "

After getting the reply she wanted, Ye Leng'an left in satisfaction.

"Principal, it will be a waste of time for Ye Leng'an to be a freshman." Qian Tong didn't give it up, "Why don't you continue to persuade her? Maybe she'll change her mind."

"Can't you tell?" Zheng Anyang shook his head with a smile. "Ye Leng'an is not an ordinary student. She has her own opinions and will not change her mind easily. Besides, it's a good thing if she continues to be a freshman."

Qian Tong was puzzled, "Principal, you mean…"

"Ye Leng'an is definitely better than this." Zheng Anyang smiled meaningfully. She still has two more years to stay in our school. In these two years, there will be many competitions, and we'll have a promising medal contender."

Qian Tong instantly understood.

Ye Leng'an didn't know what the principal was planning. Before she could return to the classroom, she was stopped by Yuan Silei.