27 The Man in the Dark

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Just now, she had inadvertently shot out a stream of hidden energy and blocked one of his acupoints. She believed that he would soon find out that he would never be a real man again.

Ye Leng'an quickly signed the contract and paid the full amount. Sister Zhu regretted it so much when seeing Ye Leng'an buy a villa with a one-off payment. A villa, that meant a commission of hundreds of thousands!

When Ye Leng'an walked out, an ordinary-looking man pushed a wheelchair out from the dark.

If anyone saw the man in the wheelchair, they would be amazed. That face was simply a gift from the Creator. His clean and fair face was cold and handsome. His deep black eyes had a mesmerizing luster. His thick eyebrows, tall nose, and beautiful lips all exuded elegance and nobility.

Moreover, although the man got a pretty face, he didn't look feminine. Instead, he seemed to be unapproachable with his isolated temperament.

But it was a pity that such a beautiful man was sitting in a wheelchair.

Life was indeed fair.

"Master, that little girl…" The man pushing the wheelchair said, "She's not an ordinary person. There's no information about this person in the Hidden World. Should we investigate that?"

The man pushing the wheelchair had a tall and slender figure. He had a healthy tanned complexion, sharp eyebrows, a prominent nose, and thin but tightly pursed lips. Coupled with his coldness, he did not look like a bodyguard. Although he tried to hide it, there was still a faint killing intent. He was a killer.

"There's no need to do that." The man in the wheelchair looked away and said indifferently, "Li Yi, don't tell anyone about what happened today."

"But, Master…" Li Yi frowned. "Most cultivators are from the Hidden World. That little girl's move today was not simple. I wonder who taught her that."

"Don't worry about her." The man shook his head. "We'll know it when the time comes. Remember what I said, don't investigate her. She is indeed not simple. At the very least, you are definitely not her match. Otherwise, we may get nothing from the investigation and even offend her."

"No way!" Li Yi was shocked. "She is indeed very powerful given the move she made just now, but if she is really that powerful, how could she not notice us!"

Although he said that, Li Yi already believed what his master said. Because he knew his master was always right.

"How do you know she didn't notice?" The man said coldly, "All right, let's go back! "

Li Yi opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but seeing that his master had no intention of speaking, he did not dare to say anything else.

Ye Leng'an, who had left the sales center and got into a taxi, was still confused.

When she was in the sales center, she already felt that someone was watching her in secret. However, she didn't show it, nor did she look for the suspect. Other than the fact that she didn't sense any malice, the most important thing was that the person in the dark didn't seem to be an ordinary person.

Even though they were so far away, she could still feel a ghastly murderous aura. The killing intent that was so thick that it was almost about to materialize made her panic

Even in the cultivation world, she had never felt such a dangerous aura. Since the person didn't intend to show up, she naturally pretended not to know anything.

Besides, they probably just encountered each other today. She was noticed when she taught Pan Ting a lesson, so he was a little curious.

Ye Leng'an shook her head and didn't want to think about these things anymore.

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