Fucked first day at college Book

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Fucked first day at college


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My name is Nora doll, which everybody call me dolly, I hate being called that name, I was 16 year old Get out of here "my landlady shouted I will pay you the rent, just give me more time, "I pleaded Since one month you've been asking me to give you chance, and you, haven't paid yet "she answered Pls "I plead I will give you only one day to pack your luggage "my landlady said That day, I went out to search for a cheap house and luckily I found one I quickly move to my new apartment and went back to my formal house because I still have some stuff left the next day I pack to my new apartment I meet different people, and I was shocked by what I saw last, I saw a man and a woman kissing roughly the man grab the woman breast beanth her top and the woman moan against his lips When I get to my room, I saw pants, boxers, condoms and different BDSM tools, I was shocked to see this intimate scene, .