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After reading all the chaps available, I can say that it has such rich lore and plot. The story was planned and not just writing random plots just to write. The thing is, story quality and writing quality passed with passing colors. Dialogues and character interactions were lit too. No need to feel reserved, binge read this work and you will see [img=recommend]


Ok, this book has a good story, amazing prologue, and nice characters, but I think it might be held back by some grammatical errors. Anyways, the author did a good job with the pacing and primitive world background. Good job author, and keep on writing!


This has potential. Underrated, most likely but the premise is promising. The author is fairly new yet the quality is superb—maybe this is an alt account. Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!


This story is well structured and has a decent flow. The lore makes me curious about what will happen next. Perhaps a bit confusing is the use of medical terms. I had to read it twice to better understand what was really going on. Maybe need more solid explanation about these things.


i have read only 6 chapters, i will be honest with this review . thia author has a goor writing style,if you like japanese methology or even you are interested in japanese culture , movies , animes, then this novel is for you . the story follows the path of alex an archaeology students who went to japan for study and things went wrong after that... this story has a lot of potential and i liked the permise of thjs story


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This is really good. The explanation of the what happens in the past, and then the present makes it easy to understand what is happening. All the best.


Splendid book. I fell in love with the main character who is a great and exciting person to read about. Also, the mysteriousness of the plot is very thrilling. The background work shows! The author knows what to write and when to write a certain thing.


This kind of books just pulls you in from chapter one. I actually read through the prologue without skipping a paragraph. The author is just too good a narrator and has nice control over description. The characters are okay as well, they're structured to compliment each other, and the anime references reels readers in. Good job Author-San.


The plot is very interesting. Grammar is also top notch. The only thing bad about this book is that it dosent have more chapters. I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter release.


This book is a breath of fresh air on this site. The writing is simply ‘overkill’- with the words, structure, descriptions capable of pulling you into the world of its own. Seriously, you will find very few books here that can match the magical writing of this piece of art. As for the story development, I cant say much as the book is till in its infancy. Even though you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can definitely do it by its first chapters. All I can say that the story is quite unique- different from most of the books here- with a huge potential. The characters are three dimensional with their own personalities, motives and goals. As for the world building, the author did an awesome job. Just the first few chapters will let you know that the author had done her research- maybe even to the point of visiting some sites in the book. So, stop reading reviews and start reading the book. And all the best to you, author.


Where do I even begin? The story has a superb writing style; something most other authors will never be able to reach in their lifetime. The characters are very much lifelike, in fact so much so, that it does feel like the author truly does live in Japan. I have the utmost respect for the ideas and concepts the writer uses to paint an otherworldly picture. They employ sentence structures, which highly underline the colourful world the story takes place in. More than anything, however, do I look forward to the next chapter of the story. Simply, because I have to know how the story continues.


The start is very interesting. Old Japanese history about Yayoi period, Yamatai Kingdom (even whether it was in Nara and Northern Kyushu) and then the following is old Japanese mythology (Yamata-no-Orochi and Hiikawa) . Looks like a lot of research went into the story. I will give it a 5 because it is very interesting to see where the story goes. Not the usual eastern fantasy with incorrect details.


I must say that the book is developing properly even at it's early stage. Each paragraph produces a thrilling and adventurous effect as the story develops. The suspense that makes one eager to know what comes next is what I love. Great job, author!


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