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novel - Fantasy

FU Tales


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Alex Fu-Tales, a nerd, never believed in the supernatural, only science. A prolonged death at a young age of 25 led him to the hidden dimension, where the supernatural beings live in parallel to the human world. Stuck with a mentor who is the forgotten Chinese serpent god, Kanghui, Alex falls into the dangerous web of afterlife politics, and the unsavory company of other destructive gods. His first allies are a shape-shifting spider and a strange group of Japanese serpent ‘gods’ obsessed with Kentucky fried chicken. With crappy fighting skills, Alex is forced to rely on his wits and knowledge to survive the afterlife. Will his luck in the afterlife worsen or turn for the better? Are some of the notorious gods villains or just misunderstood? Is there a higher purpose in his continued existence? Graphics (book cover): shutterstock.com. Font from canva.com. Modifications: own.