Frosted World: Build A God-level Shelter

Chen Chen was a person who could foretell future disasters in his dreams. And every time he woke up after dreaming of a disaster, he was able to feel his physique improve according to the size of the disaster! If it continued, even he was able to break through the average person's physique and reach a superhuman physique! Just when he thought he would become a strong man, the prophetic dream appeared once again... This time, the disaster in the dream spread to the whole world! A never-before-seen blizzard swept through the entire world!

Shelter Administrator · Sci-fi
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40 Chs

Brother, I Was Wrong

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At this moment, a fat man stepped forward and pointed at Su Can before he said through gritted teeth, "Big brother! It's him! Even if he's reduced to ashes, I'll still be able to recognize him!"

The bald man pointed at Su Can with the baseball bat in his hand as he said fiercely, "Brat, which gang are you from? How dare you bully my, Bald Yang, brother?"


Su Can frowned. He disliked being pointed at in such a manner.

Seeing that Su Can did not respond, Bald Yang said impatiently, "I asked you a question! Are you mute? If you know what's good for you, come over and apologize to my brother now! I'll go easy on you later! Otherwise, you may not even be able to crawl into your house!"

As Bald Yang moved, his gold chain swung.

'Did I provoke anyone last night? It shouldn't be…' Su Can thought to himself, feeling slightly unhappy and puzzled. He could not remember anything at all. In the end, he decided he should find out about what happened. He asked patiently, "What did I do last night? Did we have any interactions?"

Perhaps, it would have been better if Su Can did not speak. Upon hearing these words, the fat man grew even more agitated. He said, "What did you do last night? Did you drink too much? Come here! I'll help you remember! Why did you meddle in my business when I was pursuing a woman? What did it have to do with you?!"

The fat man acted like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. He felt embarrassed now that this matter was brought up again. He was determined to seek revenge today.

"Uh ..." Su Can was even more confused after listening to the fat man's words. He still could not remember what happened last night. However, it was in line with his behavior to save a damsel in distress.

At this moment, Bald Yang finally lost his patience. He said to his men, "Don't talk nonsense. Kill this little chick!"

Bald Yang approached Su Can with a sinister smile on his face, but at this moment…

"Hey! Who are you? What are you doing?"

Su Can's neighbor walked over, attracted by the commotion. He was an amiable old man who would chat with Su Can occasionally. He came to a stop after standing in front of Su Can and said to Bald Yang and the others, "Let me tell you, there are surveillance cameras all around our neighborhood. Be careful. Don't go too far. Hurry up and leave now!"

Although the old man did not know the exact situation, based on the other party's unfriendly behavior, it was not difficult to figure out that these people were here to look for trouble with Su Can.

"Damn you, old geezer! Get lost!"

Unsurprisingly, these people were not intimidated by the old man's words at all. Moreover, another man, who was the same size as the fat man, rushed out and pushed the old man away.

"Ouch!" the old man exclaimed in pain as he staggered and fell to the ground.

"You people are too much," Su Can said as he walked to the old man's side and helped the old man up.

"You should worry about yourself first," the man who pushed the old man earlier said. He did not waste time and rushed up to Su Can.

"Ha! You're really seeking death," Su Can said coldly with a scoff. With one hand supporting the old man, he used his other hand to fend off the man. Initially, he could not be bothered to fight with these people, but now, he had no choice but to deal with them.

"Watch out!" the old man exclaimed, frightened.

Su Can, on the other hand, remained unflustered. He grabbed the other party's fist easily.


The man did not expect that Su Can would be able to stop his punch so easily. Moreover, he did not hold back when he threw his punch. In the next moment, he shrieked in pain.

The others watched in shock as Su Can twisted the man's hand before he grabbed the man's shoulder. Then, he lifted the man up as though he was a chick and threw him to the side.


The man was thrown six meters away. He crashed heavily to the ground and fainted immediately.

"F*ck!" Bald Yang exclaimed. Originally, he was brandishing his baseball bat and was just about to attack, but after witnessing this scene, he froze in place as he stared at Su Can in shock.

The others stood rooted to the ground and looked at Su Can with their mouths agape as well.

The man whom Su Can threw to the side earlier was at least 200 pounds, after all. However, Su Can had easily lifted him with just one hand.

In the end, Bald Yang was the first to react. He roared, pulling the others back to their senses, "Go, go, go! What are you standing around for? Hurry up and attack! There are so many of us! Why should we be afraid of him? Attack together!"

Following that, about eight or nine people surrounded Su Can. However, they only dared to wave the weapons in their hands and did not dare to get too close to him.

It was not difficult for Su Can to deal with these people. He reached out and grabbed the baseball bat of the person near him and pulled the person over to him. Then, he kicked the other party's stomach and sent the other party flying six or seven meters away.

Just like that, another one of the men fainted.

Unfortunately for this group of men, this was just the beginning. It did not take long before the third and fourth followed. In short, none of them could last more than two rounds against Su Can. With just a few moves, the men were lying on the ground, unable to get up.

In just under a minute, apart from Su Can and his neighbor, the only one left standing was Bald Yang, who stood at the back from the very beginning.

Bald Yang could not help but gulp when he saw Su Can looking at him, and his legs began to tremble. Before coming here, he had heard about how strong Su Can was and how Su Can was skilled in fighting. However, this was simply too shocking.

'Is this guy f*cking Superman?!'

Su Can was not in a hurry to deal with Bald Yang. Instead, he found the fat man who had shouted at him earlier and was now lying on the ground like a dead pig, and asked, "Didn't you want me to apologize? Why don't you do something now?"

After that, Su Can stepped on the fat man's hand.

Following that, a crisp cracking sound rang in the air accompanied by the fat man's miserable scream.

Then, Su Can turned to look at Bald Yang. However, before he could do anything, a loud smacking sound rang in the air.

Bald Yang slapped his own face and hastily said, "Brother, I was wrong! I was blind and didn't recognize you! I shouldn't have listened to their slander! Please let me go! I'll definitely teach them a lesson when we go back!"

As Bald Yang spoke, he continued to slap both his cheeks. Based on the sounds, it was clear that he did not hold back when he slapped himself. He had no choice, after all. He was so frightened when Su Can broke the fat man's bone earlier that he almost peed his pants. All of them had met a truly ruthless person today. In his opinion, a real man should be able to retreat and advance according to the situation. Su Can was not someone they could afford to provoke.

"Scram!" Su Can said, waving his hand. He could not be bothered with these people.

"Yes, yes, we'll leave immediately!"

Upon hearing Su Can's words, everyone, including Bald Yang, felt as though they had been pardoned. They quickly got up and ran away.

However, before these people could leave, Su Can suddenly called out, "Wait! Come back!"