505 Stale Girl

Jia and June were currently in their house, alone in one room. 

"Make sure it's unlocked!" Cindy exclaimed from the kitchen. "On another note, don't even close the door." 

Jia's face reddened as her mom's voice resonated in the entire house. 

"We got it, Mom!" she shouted back, wanting nothing but to crawl into a hole and die there. 

How could her mom say those words when June was right in front of Jia? 

"Maybe Cindy wants to come in later, so she wants us to keep the door open," June innocently said, causing Jia to halt. 

Alright, maybe it wasn't too bad since June didn't get what her mom was insinuating. 

Jia merely nodded as she opened her dad's closet. 

They were currently in her parents' room, looking for clothes that would make June less…June.

However, no matter how many clothes Jia had him try, he still looked like a handsome, dazzling idol. 


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