284 Oasis

If they weren't paying attention just moments ago, then they were definitely paying attention now. 

They looked at June with big, wide eyes. Despite the smile on his face, there was an underlying annoyance in the tone of his voice. 

Everyone was stunned to silence. 

"People are starving, dying, and the economy is slowly turning to shit," he continued. 

"We are also currently facing a very apparent problem—Global Warming." 

Casper, despite still feeling shocked, chimed in when June nudged his side. 

"That's right. The refreshing autumn should have started by now. However, we are still in the midst of the hot summer. And the heat will continue until November," Casper said. "That is why, for our debut, instead of bringing the heat with intense songs like the other members had presented, why don't we bring the people what they want—to feel refreshed?" 

They fully paid attention to their presentation. 


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