481 Now, What?

"Thank goodness, that's over," Jay sighed as soon as the interview was finished. 

"I couldn't have taken any more of that interview. It was horrendous!" he continued ranting.

Jay had just arrived from the restroom, his face still damp from washing it with cold water. He seriously felt like he developed hypertension throughout the interview.

If it weren't for the pretty reporter, Jay would have stopped the interview before it even finished.

The members didn't respond. Instead, they stared at him blankly—as if they were silently communicating with him. 

"What are you staring at?" Jay asked, leaning against the wall and picking at his nose.

June subtly pointed at his right side, so Jay led his gaze to where he was pointing. 

Jay's eyes widened when he saw the pretty reporter fixing her things next to him. Her eyes were wide in horror as she looked at Jay.

Meanwhile, Jay felt like a bucket of cold water was poured on him. 


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