432 King of King's Special Episode

Mimi wasn't expecting a special episode of King of Kings to air tonight. Fortunately, her concert had ended two days ago, and she was now free to do whatever she wanted. 

So, with a bowl of pink cheese balls in one hand and a bowl of BenBen gummies in the other, she opened the television and went straight to the SBC channel. 

Her phone went off, and she saw a new text message pop up. 

Nico: You have poor taste in men. 

Mimi shook her head and decided to ignore the stupid boy who had been pestering her since yesterday. She thought her blatant rejection would finally get him to stop, but he started messaging her out of nowhere once again! 

Nonetheless, Mimi didn't want to think about Nico anymore. 

All she wanted to think about was the beautiful blonde boy on her screen. 

- I rewatched Rising Stars yesterday and was baffled by how good-looking June is right now. I need some glow-up tips. 


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