From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show

In a twist of fate, Jun Hao, a ruthless street thug known for his brute strength and sharp instincts, dies at the hand of the boss he served like a slave. When he thought he would die, he saw a screen flash before his eyes—it was a system and a status window! [System integrating: Become A Top Idol] Jun Hao finds himself abruptly transported into the body of Choi Joon-ho, a timid trainee hoping to make it big in the cutthroat world of idols through "Rising Stars," a highly popular idol survival show. In a world unfamiliar to him, where singing, dancing, and charisma reign supreme, Jun Hao must navigate the treacherous waters of an idol survival show or risk losing the life of his beloved younger sister.

SandKastle · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
792 Chs


[Oh, good. You're awake.]

For the second time in the night, Jun Hao woke up with a gasp. He looked around the room but didn't see anyone. Instead, he felt dizzy because of the swift movement.

[Careful, host. You just fell down in the bathroom. You don't have any money to go to the hospital.]

His eyes widened when he realized what had happened earlier. He ran to the dresser and looked at his face. Indeed, he looked very different. More handsome and youthful. Like a flower boy.

"Who is this?" he whispered.

[That is you, host. You are Choi Joon-ho.]

Jun Hao laughed out loud. He was definitely going insane. 

Did he actually die?

[Yes, you died. But your soul continues to live. It is now in Choi Joon-ho's body.]

"Who are you?" he asked, looking around.

[I thought you wouldn't ask. My name is Fu, and I am your system. Have you heard of transmigration before?]

He nodded. His sister was a fan of novels like such, so she would tell him stories from time to time. However, he didn't expect that it would actually happen to him.

[That is what happened, host. Read the screen to know more about your current body.]

A projection was cast in front of him, and he took a step back in surprise.

[Born to be an Idol: You have been chosen to fulfill Choi Joon-ho's lifelong dream!]

Choi Joon-ho, born in 2002.

He worked at a convenience store at night and was a trainee at Phoenix Entertainment. He had been training for six years and was promised to debut in 2021. However, a new trainee came and took his spot. Not even a year later, they became the well-known boy group CHAOS.

Since then, he sank into depression. However, he didn't want to end his dream. So he joined another company after paying them 1000 dollars. He was scammed out of his money and was kicked out of his former apartment. So, he moved to this beat-up apartment to have a fresh start.

However, he made some enemies in this unfriendly neighborhood. He found another company to take him in, but the thugs in the area made rumors that he was a browbeating bully. So, he ended up being rejected by his last resort. He didn't have any parents or friends left to hold onto, so in the end, he decided to end his life.

Jun Hao sighed when he finished reading the kid's life story. His story was similar to Jun Hao's, but he was so young. He was only the same age as his sister. Why did his life end so quickly?

[You are responsible for continuing his dream, host.]

Jun Hao chuckled. As much as he pitied the teen, he did not want to become an idol. He already knew a lot about idols because of his sister, and he definitely did not want that life.

"I won't do it," he said. "Take me back to my world instead. My sister is waiting for me."

[System declines. The host cannot reject the offer.]

"I decline," he repeated. "Find another host to fulfill his dream."

[System declines. The host has been finalized.]

Jun Hao sighed and hesitated for a while. He peeked outside the window and saw a completely different world. It looked like he was far away from Shanghai. Instead, he was in South Korea? Even the street names were written in Korean.

This must be a dream. 

He went in front of the dresser again and banged his head on the mirror, causing it to shatter into pieces. He had cuts all over his face, but he didn't care.

"Ugh," he groaned. "That hurts. I'm not dreaming."

[Everything is real, host. Let me show you something.]

Just then, the projection flashed another scene. It was his sister, and she was laughing with her peers. It seemed like she was in school, and they were watching the latest music video of their favorite group.

[That is your sister right now, host. She had lost her memories since your death and is now living with a good family.]

Jun Hao smiled as he gazed at his sister's gleeful face. At least he now knew that she was doing okay.

[However, she will die if you don't accept the mission.]

"What?" Jun Hao exclaimed.

[That is the consequence, host. Your sister will die when you decline, but will continue to live a happy life once you accept the mission.]

"Mei Ling," he whispered. He cannot let his sister die. In the end, she was the only one he had left. "Will I be able to see my sister again?"

[When you fulfill the mission, you will know. But for now, all I can promise is her safety.]

[Do you accept the mission?]

"Do you promise my sister a good life?"

[The System promises. A contract had been signed.]

Jun Hao sighed.

"Then I accept."

[Wise choice, host. For now, you are no longer Chen Jun Hao. You are June—an aspiring idol.]