From Thorns To Roses Book

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From Thorns To Roses


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Moao was a feared Necromancer who plunged the nations into chaos on her quest to rid herself of the curse by the God of Reincarnation. After her death as the feared Necromancer, she expects to find herself in a new world as a newborn baby. However, she wakes up in the same world as Mo Zao, a completely different person. Soon after, she reunites with her greatest enemy: Raylon, the Prince of the Phoenix nation who suffered as a result of her dark desires. Raylon's righteous and fair personality was completely transformed. He now killed on a whim, was quick to anger, and had a violent nature. What was the point of her returning to the world she ruined? Was she meant to fix her wrongs? Was she meant to be punished for her sins? And what will happen if the Phoenix Prince discovers her identity? Updates daily (~1500 words per ch)


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