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From The Start, I Traded A Galactic Warship

Rusted Runes

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Start trading space battleship / 开局交易宇宙战舰 Author: Rust Rune ___________ After getting a trading platform three thousand years later, everything in the world has become an antique, worth a thousand gold. But it was also learned that three years later, aliens invaded, human beings fell, and the dark starry era began. In this era of unprecedented change in tens of thousands of years. Shen Shi decided. First trade a space battleship, and then talk about it. So——the battleship came to the world from outer space! Global shock! Starry Sky Era, open in advance! 开局交易宇宙战舰 得到一个三千年后的交易平台,现世的一切都成为了古董,价值千金。但也得知,三年后,外星入侵,人类沦陷,黑暗的星空纪元就此开启。在此数万年间从未有之巨变的时代。沈世决定。先交易一艘宇宙战舰,压压惊再说。于是——战舰自外太空降临于世!全球震恐!星空纪元,提前开启! 第六十五章:迎面而来的巨变 科幻13.52万

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what did i read , how come theres good quality MC in this site ? did i go to the wrong site. anyway enough with my sarcasm. this is a good read "temporary" since you know its usually good till ch 100 or so and then the quality droped to the lowest ground possible. anyway good story. MC still have brain and not thinking with his d##k. nice relationship story with the female lead?? also. overal good read


I need more sci fi novels I like other novels a lot but I want more interstellar adventures doesn't really matter what kind of tags it has I just want more


good book in a long time MC character is good ,hope author continues like this[img=update][img=update]


Read up to chapter 69 (noice). I found the summary somewhat intriguing so went to find the novel (tnx for raw). It's well put together and clear (logical) reasoning. There is character growth from the start, so far seems a single love interest (no harem focus for now). Single case of (cringe) face-slapping but actually for a REASON!![img=recommend] Story enjoyable and looking forward for more!


Corruption?! This failed with > 200 fans while something with < 100 passed. were rhe chapters 2x as longnoe something?


Another generic mass-produced trash that is Author's Chinese wish fulfillment.(so, Money, Women, Power(of ruling, external power)).


this is really unrealistic, he got millions of dollars suddenly without a convincing explanation, and gis excuse is an ai? where did that ai come from? the substance that he get can only change its substance from liquid to gold or imitate a gun and yet it doesn't have the function of the gun, so where did that ai come from even if the substance imitate it there's still the codes that needed in order for it to work, the author is just BSing its way


I have high praise. For the first time in a long time, a CN with good character development, interesting world building (foreshadowing), and a potentially healthy monogamous relationship. As of 19 chapters, this is a whole human body above the standard options we usually get.


It is a little slow and really up to chapter 20 it is still slow, however this can be a novel of possibilities. It is an interesting concept, MC is given knowledge of the future and now needs to determine how to avoid this future. I look forward to further reading of this.


It's interesting and soo good can't wait for it to be published please dont drop it I like sci-fi novel want more like this has great potential don't waste it


really nice book to read hope for more chapters


to me the book is very interesting and will read to the end




my review based on 20 ch, i think the story is good, but maybe juat me but the translation is, i cant enjoy it, like the the "flow" of story dont translate very well. i read many storyb in webnovel, many had bad story, but i can enjoy it because translation "flow" is good. (i cant read chinese and my english just so so)


mc in this novel is quite common sense, the story can't be said to be bad so far. but I've always hated this kind of novel with a storyline like this (personal preference). So this is the reason I give 1 star to novels of this type that I come across.


story starts out decent for a few chapters until the mc gets his future items the he gets stupid and goes young master because of a girl he hardly spent time with but at around chapter 15 he gets his space mojo energy working and he becomes rational and gets started on a plan. so story starts put terrible and yhe mc you thought was decent turns idiot because of a girl but 10 or so chapters later becomes a decent mc. I think this could be a good story further on. so I am in.


The story is not bad, but there are some problems. From the way he is talking, this might turn into a harem at some point. Racism is clear. I mean you have a spaceship from the future and you just have to use Chinese to transmit words to all countries and even talk in Chinese? A pointless plotline. There is bound to be someone who will suspect the MC because of the huge change (but unlikely to happen cause not many authors will make side characters smart). Just like Deathnote where MC made the stupid mistake in exposing his location. And like one another comment said, he isn't even improving himself. Maybe he uses the trading terminal more later on, but for now, all he is doing is trying to hook up with a girl. This review


An amazing novel so far to be honest. I actually like the female lead so far. No jade-like beauty was used to describe her so instantly +1/5 stars. I like how he acted like a real person when he gained so much wealth and power and the sinking reality of the impending doom/invasion.


it's good...,.............................