From The Start, I Traded A Galactic Warship Book

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From The Start, I Traded A Galactic Warship

Rusted Runes

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# GALACTIC # WILDIMAGINATION Shen Shi obtained a trading platform that was based 3000 years in the future. Everything from the current age became antiques there and was worth a lot of money. However, he also discovered that the world would be invaded by aliens three years from now. Mankind would fall and the dark Galactic Era would thus begin. The world would then undergo enormous changes that it had never experienced in the past tens of thousands of years. Shocked by what would transpire, Shen Shi decided that he would first trade for a galactic warship. As such, a warship from outer space landed on Earth, stirring up terror among all mankind. The Earth entered the Galactic Era earlier than expected.


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