156 The Veil of War

The sun setting over the hunting grounds painted the boundless grass in a rich golden hue. The air was fresher than back in the capital and it was cooler here too, the soothing winds sending the colourful flags over the erected tents billowing. 

Instead of being led over to the tents designated for the inner palace, Yan Zheyun disembarked from the carriage to find Head Eunuch Cao waiting for him with an affable twinkle in his eyes.

During the journey over, Liu Yao had sent an invite over for Yan Zheyun to join him in the dragon carriage but Yan Zheyun had been fast asleep then and Xiao De had been instructed not to wake him if this were the case. Hua Zhixuan had teased him about it after, saying that it was unprecedented for a concubine's nap to remain uninterrupted when summoned to attend to the emperor's needs and Yan Zheyun had just smiled in response. 


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