83 Sour Plums

Noble Consort Li's face turned an interesting shade of purple. Good. Yan Zheyun wasn't in the mood for their petty squabbling. He'd tried his best to stay out of the line of fire but since they kept insisting on involving him, he wasn't beyond dealing misery around with a shovel. 

What did they, did everyone in this stupid place expect? For him to take their insults quietly without causing any fuss? To allow them to make light of circumstances that he hadn't been able to control, just because he hadn't been fortunate enough to transmigrate into the body of a powerful noble, or even better yet, the emperor? 

Fat chance. If they wanted to cause him trouble, he was happy to retaliate in kind. 

Surprisingly, instead of Noble Consort Li, it was Noble Consort Dou who tried to downplay the severity of the situation. Her usual stance was to remain silent on most matters that didn't call for her immediate input, so Yan Zheyun had assumed she would proceed as such. 


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