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Hi everyone! This is Queeniecat, the author of 'From CEO to Concubine'. I told myself I'll only write this shameless self-review after completing 9 days of mass releases for the WPC. So I'm here now! It would have been impossible to accomplish this without all of the support from you, dear readers, so thank you so much for the motivation. I really would have given up on the daily multiple chapters by now if it weren't for the collections, power stones, comments, and reviews! They were really the strongest motivation and I appreciate each and every single one of them. In terms of the story, I would like to reassure everyone that the main plot line has already been planned out. This novel will span 6 distinct volumes, each dictating a progression of our MC Yan Zheyun's OPness! I hope that my writing will be able to portray this journey in an exciting manner. ^^ As for Volume 1, if my detailed plot outlines aren't wrong, there should be 12 chapters more to go. This means that a big climax in the story is coming soon (the clean kind, non-R18 kind unfortunately LOL). Please bear with the slow burn, I promise that the future story will be filled with dramatic, shocking plot developments as well as an epic romance of a lifetime between our MC/ML. <3 Once again, thanks for the support!

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I had to point this out first. The writing of this novel is EXCELLENT. Goodness, this is definitely one of the better stories (BL stories at that) that I’ve read on this app. The character description, narration, and dialogue are so creative and cleverly chosen; you can see the author’s intelligence through their words. The world building is perfect (I’m not exaggerating). I’m able to easily tell where everything and everyone is at all times. On top of that, this is an extremely captavating story. (I mean, who doesn’t want to read about a man once at the top, then reduced to the bottom???)(no pun intended🤣) That’s not all, Yan Zheyun is such an admirable character. The author did an amazing job creating him. He’s so clever and quick witted (….and let’s not forget, extremely handsome 😮‍💨✨) I was too afraid to even put the story down. Please please READ!! I definitely recommend this to anyone. As someone who loves historical romances, I will tell any readers like myself, that this story does not disappoint. I haven’t even gotten to the part where the ML is introduced and yet I’m already so excited!! Now, onto reading!! I’m so excited to see how Yan Zheyun will continue on in Yan Yun’s world. (hehe, I hope that’s not a spoiler 😅) I’m even more excited to see the male lead 🤩✨. Lovely job author 🥰🥰


The way you write makes it feel so that I am fully immersed in the novel, keep up the awesome work! Looking forward to see more of your new chapters!!! Yes, we love it when a CEO gets bamboozled.


This book raises the standard for all transmigration novels and the best part of it is the MC. He is the best and the most realistic protagonist I have ever read. The story explains real world scenarios instead of the oh-everything-is-so-easy-i-know-the-novel tropes. I can't wait for the future updates of this masterpiece. Thanks for the daily updates, Author🤗.


I absolutely like the main character, he is CEO but suddenly enters to foreign world maybe he felt so strange, confused or scared. This story similar with my another story genre Korean drama : The concubine from 21st century. I always like chinese novel, korean novel, dynasty stories, etc. Beside that, the plot is very interesting, also neatly writing style, the words are easy to understand. All over is good, Nice work Author😃👍


I can't express enough how highly I praise this work. The story is engaging, the plot grips me and I can barely put it down and stop reading. I feel genuinely concerned for the main character and his happiness. I just want to keep reading! Very hopeful for more of this story.


What I like most of this novel is how well-thought out it is. What I noticed, while some novels tend to focus fully on the transmigrated life of the MC this novel spends some time to give details of the MCs past life in the way that it adds colour to the MCs character and not just glossed over. Other details can also be seen at various points of the story like some side characters' backstory and design without making it too overwhelming or shoving it into the readers' throat. The romantic development is very much realistic and logical like the pace the progress and how it starts all are very much convincing. Language: I like the effort author puts into the archaic language, Chinese poems and terms though there are some terms that I find quite awkward. While there are some minor grammar mistakes here and there sometimes it doesn't really impede reading experience much. All in all, it's one of the gems in this platform that I very much recommend. There's romance, humor some drama with a dash of angst and a cup of b*tchslaps, what more do you ask for?


I'm not really a fan of BL, to be honest, I just read BL or GL when I have to do a review swap. But... reading it objectively, I can say that everything in this story is amazing! The author really has potential, and I do hope that your story will gather more audience one day. Good luck!


A good start with great image created. The plot grows so well throughout the chapters while the picture becomes clearer through those words written. Overall a great read


I like character development and plot holes that are not too easy to predict. The author did a good job in this light. But he/she failed the consistence of releasing new chapters. Now 5 chapters in 3 months(privileged chapters) and no further interaction with readers. I question the possibility of this novel to be "completed". Even said that, I still want to support a potential writer and look forward to the continous story. Pls don't leave us half the way.


Today I finally re-read the whole book and am finally able to write a comprehensive review. I saved this book in my library a while ago but just recently had the time to pick it back up, and to be honest it didn't disappoint at all (not that it did before). The start was a bit slow but it quickly progresses to my favourite part aka the romance and harem/political intrigue. The plot is sedate yet exciting, even the other POVs give way to a foreshadowing or puzzle pieces without being boring. YZ and LY are the best part of this novel, hands down. Unlike most romance novels of historical genre, the romance is not that slow like watching water drip from a tap or so fast there is no chemistry build-up. The romance is just right and hits the spot, atleast for me. Their background and angst is just the cherry on the top and helps us understand them better. I like all the aspects of this book which is rare for me in this genre (historical) as I get bored with too much one thing (politics/harem intrigue or romance) but you maintain the balance perfectly. Thank you so much for this book. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward for updates. Your work is amazing and I know the research that goes into this so double kudos for that. P.S. Just a favour(not like the one YZ asked LY lol) but the only thing I had a problem with is keeping up with the names, especially, the Scum gongs and the 6 noble families. If you could make a list of them and any vital character that is important in future without giving spoilers, I would be thankful. I want to know who the fifth gong is lol😂


I first joined this app to read the ending to a popular danmei, but decided to stick around and see what was here. I was met with a lot of disappointment, being a writer myself, until I found this one. in my mind this story deserves worldwide physical releases and I would gladly pay for them all! This story is well told with good pacing and the romance is refreshing and not so shoved together like some other stories I read here. the couple has chemistry and the political intrigue is not outlandish at all. I genuinely love this story and cannot wait to read more as coins allow.


i really like how shrewd our mc is. a fresh breath of air from the whiny MCs that have become the norm.


The story is an amazing balance between court intrigue, politics and the mc's daily life. I usually dont read ancient china genre but this book got me hooked real good. I'm in ch 89 and the slow burn romance is slowly sparking between the characters. The romance is slow and sweet but not frustrating. the characters are described really well, each having their own goals in mind. This is the only novel I'hv read that the 'cold emperor' persona properly fleshed out, giving reasons for each of his actions. Love the ml ;] if u want a book with good plot and fleshed out realistic characters, this book is a must read <3


One of my favorite works on web novel. The writing is compelling and the character's are very lifelike each with their own motivations. Well researched with attention to even the smallest detail.


I'm in love with this story. I'm actually terribly picky and on this platform, and have only liked about 4 novels and I have read a TON on this, but this story is really good. The Writing Quality is amazing. Honestly, its easy to understand and follow, but also nicely described I can imagine it perfectly and the prose is immersively written in a way that I personally enjoy. The story develops slow and steady, yet doesn't drag on. Sometimes I feel like stories just take ages to form, or are just too fast that everything feels rushed, but this feels balanced. Stuff gets explained, but not too much that it takes away the mystery of other characters and it still sparks the curiosity. I really enjoy the characters and they seem realistic. I can understand them, but that doesn't mean I find some of them less disgusting! XD This Novel updates A LOT in a week (about, like 7 times) The World Background is nice as well, I learn a lot more things than I usually do, and the notes of the Author are informative as well. Personally, I want to learn more information and suck it up like a sponge, so I'm glad that the Author doesn't shy away to explain anything. All in all I can say, the Author radiates intelectual energy and is quite smart :p. Street smart, I mean. Thats way more important than book smart (in my opinion). Its also good to be self-aware, which is why I like this book a lot ^-^.


This story is bomb and I don't usually like transmigration plots. I love that you update constantlyand stay consistent. But really, what's the Emperor's deal? If they stuck to this being a BL, I would support a live action of this but we all know how that goes. [img=update][img=coins][img=fp][img=recommend]


I've read many stories about transmigration, not all were good. This one however is really well written. I like the pace of development of this story. Each chapter makes you anxious and curious about the next. I do recommend it. Good work.


Very interesting characters and background. I love how much personalities the characters have and cannot wait to see just how much more it will progress to. Good job, author!


I have read many novels where the main character is reincarnated into a different world. The thing is that many of those stories have not been able to deliver those moments properly. They feel either rushed or draggy. But THIS! The author has been able to do what other novels were lacking, perfectly. The confusion, the emotions that someone who is sent into the unknown feels, has been presented perfectly. The prose is easy to understand with a smooth flow. Good luck author!