158 Marital Relations

For a second, all that could be heard was the whistling of the wind through the forest behind the clearing. Then, Advisor Daurga let out a light-hearted laugh that lifted some of the animosity that was starting to brew.


"Your Majesty has made his point clear," he said, rising to his feet to present a proper bow towards the dais. "We as representatives of the tribes will remember our position during future treatise discussions." He waved an expansive hand at the spread of food that the servants were waiting nervously on the side to present to the guests. "But if I may suggest, such heavy talk doesn't suit the start of a glorious hunt. Daurga speaks for the northern entourage and apologises for ruining the atmosphere earlier." He directed a second bow towards the rest of the guests, unheeding the low outraged noise of protest that a livid Prince Yenanda emitted.



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