Inner Palace: Concubine Ranks

This is a glossary of concubine ranks used in this novel. I have combined various titles across dynasties, mixing and matching according to what sounds good and is easier to write in English. So please don't refer to any of this as history (actually, please don't refer to anything in this novel as history, I can't even begin to stress how much of an AU it is...^^;;).

In terms of who is holding what position at the moment, I have only added the ones who have appeared in the story so far. As time goes by, I will increase the detail, so feel free to check back every time you get confused!

1) Empress

- Current holder: None

- Number permitted: 1

2) Imperial Noble Consort

- Current holder: None

- Number permitted: 1

3) Noble Consort

- Current holder: Li Fang, Dou Minying

- Number permitted: 2

4: Consort

- Current holder: Yao Siya (Gracious Consort)

- Number permitted: 4

5: Imperial Concubine

- Current holder: Hui Shuxian

- Number permitted: 6

6: Lady/Lord of Bright Deportment

- Current holder: Zhang Qian

- Number permitted: 9

7: Lady/Lord of Handsome Fairness

- Current holder: Chen Qi

- Number permitted: 9

Anything below Lady/Lord of Handsome Fairness is considered a low-ranked position with an unlimited number of people who could hold these titles.

8: Noble Lady/Lord

9: Beautiful Lady/Lord

10: Talented Lady/Lord

11: First-class Attendant (Current holder: Our poor MC Yan Zheyun XD)

12: Second-class Attendant

13: Third-class Attendant

14: Female/Male Attendant (servants who have been noted for their attractive appearance but who have not slept with the emperor yet)

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