89 Heirs and Graces

TW: Mentions of murder and suicide 

The new girl in the fourth prince's rear court hadn't lasted more than a month. Wu Roushu had seen her on the day she'd entered the manor, a tiny thing that bore a close enough resemblance to Young Master Yan for Wu Roushu to predict her inevitable fate. 

For the first time since Side Concubine Wu's arrival, the fourth prince chose a new companion to follow him on his night 'excursions' into town. What actually happened there wasn't known to all the members of his rear court. Some of the less pretty girls in his rear court were the daughters of influential ministers and although the fourth prince didn't deign to have them serve him often, he didn't inflict his preferences upon them either. 

Foolish chits. They resented Wu Roushu for the 'favour' she had with him, not knowing that Wu Roushu envied them their husband's neglect. They were so lucky in their ignorance of the horrors that occurred in Yutao Pavilion. 


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