155 Entourage

The trip to the summer palace had been a logistical nightmare on a scale that Yan Zheyun had never seen before and the autumn hunt was no different. As he had only been an imperial concubine back then, he hadn't been involved in the arrangements of the inner palace. 

Things had changed since. 

The fortnight leading up to their departure to the hunting grounds had passed in a blur. As the head of the inner palace and the holder of the phoenix seal, Yan Zheyun had found himself at the centre stage of the arrangements, the fourteen departments hanging onto his every word as they relied on him for further instructions. Liu Suzhi, in his typical uninterested fashion, had made it abundantly clear that he would only act if given clear orders. Hence, from the lowest of servants to the highest ranking of concubines, all had depended upon Yan Zheyun for direction. 


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